6 responses to “Put your hands together as we welcome back our Winnipeg Jets!

  1. I am so glad that Winnipeg got their team back.
    And it looks like Jet pride is alive and well!
    As it should be dammit, it’s hockey back in Canada, where it should be.

    Not sure why anyone thought it was a good idea for them to leave in the first place.

    I hope they have a fantastic first season back in Winnipeg!

  2. Yes Red, so are we. The vibe in this town right now is electric! Every second person is wearing a Jets shirt or has a Jets car flag and on and on.

    I think that those melon heads in the upper suites of the NHL (looking at you Gary Bettman) are learning that there is indeed a reason why a full third of all revenues from the teams are from 6 Canadian teams. 6 teams in a 30 team league, do the math.

  3. Well that’s exciting, Bob! Wahoo Winnipeg Jets!

    PS I actually like the old-school 1970s logo… or the Davidson-Gundell one…

    • Thanks for stopping by Nikki! As I was saying earlier this city is crazy for hockey and we will definitely be showing the players and their families a great time as they live and work here in the city.

      As for sweater logos I am kind of partial to the Griswold creation. I think it captures the essence of the city perfectly.

  4. i remember why...

    I’m old enough to remember why the original Jets moved from Winnipeg. Because in spite of all the fans, no Canadians BOUGHT THE TEAM. And soooo sorry “Nordique Nation”, but the same thing happened in Quebec. Funny how years later, everyone who was 5 or younger at the time shakes their head in disbelief, invades other hockey venues cheering for no reason at the 17th minute, talking about how “hockey belongs in Canada” and not where the financiers choose to put it.

    I have reasons to despise Bettman beyond anyone in Quebec or Winnipeg, but let’s not pin anything on him that’s really a shortcoming of local financiers.

    Good for Winnipeg and well done True North entertainment. Are you following this example Nordique Nation? If not, then Tais-toi!

    • Thanks for your comments it’s nice to hear from hockey fans in different parts of the country. I feel that Quebec will get it’s team back sooner rather than later.