The verdic is in 

I Hope that you are satisfied, I really did’t know how bad.   I HOPE YOU ARE CONSOLLED 

It’s not perfect but it’s some resolution

As many of you know, I never ever stop trying when I sèe something I love,. 

But as of today I sadly have to give that part away.   Leaves in the breese. 

Out at the Ballpark – The Tragically Hip hit a home run!

Exploring Winnipeg and Beyond.

As I have described in earlier posts such as Gord Downie: Canadian Musical Psychopath, The Tragically Hip’s front man is a bit of a maniac on stage.  Being up close and personal with him at the Country of Miracles show last year gave me an appreciation for his lunacy in an intimate setting.  I had yet to witness the full blown frenetic schism that he becomes when teamed up with massive electric guitar power and the chest thumping bass drum that collectively form The Tragically Hip.

For those of you, who have not seen The Hip live, trust me this is not one of those overproduced, lip synced cookie cutter perfect types of shows.  Everything, I repeat everything is live. From Gord going wildly off topic in the middle of a song, ranting and raging about anything from sports, politics or inventing a new story on the spot. …

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Gord Downie and what it means to be Canadian

Exploring Winnipeg and Beyond.

I can’t even begin to try to count the good wishes and kind words since Tuesday morning and The Tragically Hip Management released a statement. Gord Downie has terminal brain cancer.  I know many of my world wide friends will not know his name or the band’s music but believe me when that announcement went live across Canada. It was like an arrow was shot into the collective hearts of a nation.

There are very few artists of any genre that capture the soul of a nation, Pierre Burton, Tom Thompson, Gordon Lightfoot captured the rough and tumble nature, angst of my father’s generation.  Leonard Cohen encapsulated the Montreal vibe and took the 70’s not just here but in the heart of the New York jungle with his verses.

To try to understand The Tragically Hip in a few paragraphs is like trying to catch smoke in your bare hands. …

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Sometimes I still sleep with a Teddy Bear.

I may be a big man, tough and gruff.  But inside me I am just a little boy screaming wondering how everything went so wrong.  Going through my boxes i found a little friend, I  am positive that i bought it for someone.  But with my meds and this scrambled egg memory I don’t know who.

In any case tonight I am missing, wanting and needing.  So little friend you are keeping me safe tonight.


Choose to smooth.

Yes I am a big fan of the no, lick and hack.  But what I saw tonight even affected me and I love to push boundaries. 

But wen I’m confronted by a commercial with a woman diving do I need to see. WHY JUST SHAVE,  YOU  CAN CHOOSE TO SMOOTH.  CHOOSE SURPRISE OVER DULL.  CHOOSE DESIGN OVER DULL.  CHOOSE VENUS.


Peoples looks, wants or desires are not marketable.  

Let’s have a talk  two people meet, she likes him and back, or he meets him and him, or her and her.

The rest of the rainbow I don’t just get totally, but love to you all.

The thing that really pissed me off is  that’s it’s aimed at impressionable people. Get shaving ya’ll. I peronally love the look but we don’t need marketing to sell us salsburby steak ready for the oven AND tell people what to clear the brush on.  

Fuck I hate that crap, Mars could use some help here.  You too my across the pond sweeds.



Happy Father’s Day

I’d like to wish a very happy father’s day today to a couple of people that I cannot name.
In fact they were the only ones who ever properly gave me a good day. Cooking me breakfast and all that jazz.

I doubt that they will even see this, but regardless I am still thankfull for what they did and I carry that day in my heart.
Thank you Dom and Dar

I remember