Choose to smooth.

Yes I am a big fan of the no, lick and hack.  But what I saw tonight even affected me and I love to push boundaries. 

But wen I’m confronted by a commercial with a woman diving do I need to see. WHY JUST SHAVE,  YOU  CAN CHOOSE TO SMOOTH.  CHOOSE SURPRISE OVER DULL.  CHOOSE DESIGN OVER DULL.  CHOOSE VENUS.


Peoples looks, wants or desires are not marketable.  

Let’s have a talk  two people meet, she likes him and back, or he meets him and him, or her and her.

The rest of the rainbow I don’t just get totally, but love to you all.

The thing that really pissed me off is  that’s it’s aimed at impressionable people. Get shaving ya’ll. I peronally love the look but we don’t need marketing to sell us salsburby steak ready for the oven AND tell people what to clear the brush on.  

Fuck I hate that crap, Mars could use some help here.  You too my across the pond sweeds.



Happy Father’s Day

I’d like to wish a very happy father’s day today to a couple of people that I cannot name.
In fact they were the only ones who ever properly gave me a good day. Cooking me breakfast and all that jazz.

I doubt that they will even see this, but regardless I am still thankfull for what they did and I carry that day in my heart.
Thank you Dom and Dar

I remember

Enjoy Garth.

I hope you have good seats.

Gord Downie and what it means to be Canadian

I can’t even begin to try to count the good wishes and kind words since Tuesday morning and The Tragically Hip Management released a statement. Gord Downie has terminal brain cancer.  I know many of my world wide friends will not know his name or the band’s music but believe me when that announcement went live across Canada. It was like an arrow was shot into the collective hearts of a nation.

There are very few artists of any genre that capture the soul of a nation, Pierre Burton, Tom Thompson, Gordon Lightfoot captured the rough and tumble nature, angst of my father’s generation.  Leonard Cohen encapsulated the Montreal vibe and took the 70’s not just here but in the heart of the New York jungle with his verses.

To try to understand The Tragically Hip in a few paragraphs is like trying to catch smoke in your bare hands.  I don’t honesty believe that Canada has ever produced an artist quite like what he and the band are together. The often misused word synergy comes to mind, if you’ve seen them live or on youtube you’ll know what I mean.  Watching Gord Downie on stage is like watching a force of nature dipped in gasoline, set on fire after a huge bong hit and energized by his rabid Canadian fans.

But I digress how does this speak to the nature of Canadians?  Well every truly Canadian heart possesses a few key things to live on in the cold of winter and then live in perpetual exuberance in summer.  We tend to be a quiet people, not prone to flag waving, but we are tough as hell. There is a reason why Logan aka Wolverine is Canadian. We will not stop, we earned the respect in every war Canada has been dragged into by other nations. 

Canadians like Gord and The Hip have a very multifaceted soul, this country is not a Melting Pot, but rather a cultural mosaic. Very hard to get your head around at first but if you travel across the country by car or train you’ll see that every community is distinct. Some Metis French, some Quebec separatist, some Hutturite German.  Across our breadbasket, Ukrainian, Finnish, Polish. Every little town and hamlet a different community, but tied together in this huge ides called Canada.

Somehow The Hip have managed to capture the Canadian ideal, the Wheat Field Soul. The hockey rink, that first love, the desperation of a man wrongly accused.  The lyrics take Canadians home, but get us live at a Hip Show and you’ll see another animal all together. Gord riffing, ranting, begging, destroying and creating.  His off course mid song sojourn from song to song. When he’s live you never ever see the same show twice.

And that I guess is the Canadian soul, rock steady, steeped in the traditions of many cultures. The resiliency that our climate brings, it melds people together expecially in the Prarie where the winter winds can kill in minutes and then in summer we celebrate.

These things the great Canadian artists understand. The things that make every part of Canada different but also make us great. 
The power of Canada has never  been in military force, but in uniting as a people when the chips are down on last call.
I think of the Fort McMurray fire, Terry Fox and his selfless run across Canada on one leg, and now to rally behind one of our poets and song writers in his family’s moment of need.

If nothing else speaks to the Canadian soul it’s our resilience. Our sports have months long playoffs where people regularly lose teeth, sometimes get an artery cut and almost bleed to death on the hockey ice.  Football in fog, mud and the chill of a Canadian cold snap going down into -20c.
But we hardly bitch and moan.  Lest to say it’s a dry cold.

These artists really get that Canadian enui, our cold silent nature.  All the while giggling at anyone that doesn’t get us.

How hockey saved my sanity

I’m a Canadian, hockey is in my DNA.  I live for the crunch of the playoffs.  Reagular season not so much over a half year season.
Football however in the St Boniface years learned that every play matters.  Every offside every toe over the line means something that in a game must be accounted for.

I guess in many ways I’m a hockey person, I like to have the flow of the game.  That back and fourth.

Others view it like grid iron, a fixed non changing game of control and dominance. When your up your up. And when your opponent is down, you take every option to kick the opportunity to kick them in the balls. I’ve learned football very well from my mentors. Some hits go too far, there are rules to every game and everyone puts a toe or a leg.

I had hoped that both Bombers and Jets could ebb and flow, but it’s not possible.  Different seasons different goals.  Sometimes they both cry Yes Winnipeg. But hardly together.

GO Jets next year with the picks, go Bombers with the trades.

Hopefully both will win in the very near future.



But come spring either you dig in or just ebb and flow.

A Few Fairly Obvious Dating Rules

tales of a charm city chick

Here are some obvious rules about dating and first dates that most people likely agree with and I shouldn’t have to share them with you because you should know better, but here we are, so let’s get on with it already:

1. No crying on a first date. Why would you be sad? This is your first date! That kind of behavior is frowned upon (ha) and it does not reflect well on your stability.

2. Don’t ask me for help with your taxes (unless you want to pay me, but it seems like what you really need is a tax guy and not a girlfriend).

3. No show spoilers, you heathen!

4. Don’t tell me to dress as a sexy 1900s steel conglomerate tycoon UNLESS you plan to provide a monocle. No monocle, no sexy steel conglomerate tycoon. Simple.

5. No tickling on a first date. You will get a…

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I don’t need you, I don’t want you and I don’t love you

I don’t understand why you did what you did to me. I let go, I just want my things back and even that you’ve made complicated.
I was never going to be back in your life without you wanting me, and that is crystal fucking clear now to the person you have become and the hate in your soul. 

I’ve let it all go, I don’t hate you anymore, but I’m not particularly fond of you either.
You didn’t need to do what you did to me, I have no hate for you.

I’ve moved on, I’m happy back at work. Actually loving being back.

I’m done dealing with your hate
I’ll have the moving company arrange the details