Well we see the dollars

With strife in the street and people being beaten by police. Now is the time to change?

Money talks I guess, I have been saying for at least 10 years that America has been gutted by moving jobs overseas. It’s basic math. How much can I make if my labour is cut in half. Well buddy as you cough and choke. The guy you may have supported is making millions. But he crouds you to get infected.

It’s been a bit but what the fuck happened?

Hey peeps, I am your hardly even here gatekeeper to all things Bob related.

Even I can’t keep up, sad I know but even I have gone into a hidey hole. So I am still here just trying to keep up with music.  It’s fucking hard times now, but let’s be real.

Things will pass, if we stay sane.  See on the news idiots marching around the world. Listen up you dumb shits we all want out.  Believe me if y’all want to gather and test Darwin you are welcome.  But stay the fuck away from people I love.

The problem in my mind is that yes we live in a consumer economy.  And yes people suffer when are goods are not there like popcorn. But we must for God’s sake think beyond tomorrow we get through the year.


Long Time Coming

Being a drone for most of my life, a wage slave buckled to work like most of my readers are this whole farce makes me scared and sick.  There are many many excuses and left and right issues that confuse the issue of where American jobs are going.

I not for a drop dead second am saying that this Covid-19 is coming from a plot. All I am saying is that the vast majority of the American people have been lied to and confused by people at the top selling snake oil.

Remember those old movies, a guy in a tent or a wagon selling this and promising that? Well people we are here.  Like it or not, me a Canadian can smell the plunder I can smell the greed that is seeping into a country who proclaims it is the best in the world.

I hate to tell you bub, a country that does not take care of his fellow man based on the fatness of his wallet is wrong and inferior.  The character of a country and the measure of the march of any army is always defined by the slowest in the ranks.

Some leaders leave them behind, others find ways to bring them in and make a unified force.

I know I haven’t been talking much lately, but honestly nothing has inspired me. Yes Canada is a wonderful land and as much as pretend not to like it America is indeed a land of ideas and strength.   But the world is watching and y’all got to get your shit together.

Otherwise who really knows? Russia, China it’s a huge fucking gamble at this point.

Dropping the mike.



Small Town Car Culture and a Good Tape Deck.

My coming of age was in a very small town in Northwestern Ontario in (Gasp) the 1980s. Back in the stone age we didn’t have Twitter or Cell Phones, if we wanted to talk to someone we had two options pick the phone off the hook on the wall or go bang on their door.  Also our entertainment options were rather limited.  Growing up in a border town, we could go see a movie in the States if it suited us or make out with our girls in the single theater that my town had in Canada.

But most nights as soon as our pack of unruly teenagers got our driving license we spent our days and evenings much like the kids of American Graffiti. Cruising up and down the main drags of our town and trying to find girls or trying to find a place to pull off the main road to make out with the one we had in the passenger seat.

Most of us teens wanted bad ass cars to spend our money on, well because it was cool. Sadly the Trans Am I lusted after with a 400 High Output engine in it was not my fathers idea of safe or cool so he refused to co-sign a loan with me.  Instead I ended up with a Dodge Turismo 4 speed. Cheap to buy and cheaper than a 8 cylinder to keep in gas.

At the beginning I didn’t really like the little grey beast, but it was a two door hot hatch with a respectable 2.4 Liter engine. Once I got to know my little dragster I was kicking ass on the larger 8’s in a quarter mile being light and with a stick transmission.  I could hold my own on many of the larger cars in my town.

But now I come to the second part of my thesis, a kick ass tape deck. I saved my pennies working at McDonald’s and although I couldn’t afford a high end Alpine deck like some of my friends I in typical Bob fashion cobbled together a pretty sweet rig with a booster and 7 channel equalizer a good thumping sub in the hatch and sharp tweeters in the dash with mid-range in the passenger seats. I figured if they couldn’t hear my engine coming down the road they bloody well better be able to hear my stereo.

I can still remember finally getting everything assembled and the first tape I put in the deck was Beverly Hill’s Cop 2.  Shakedown thumped from every fiber of my being and I felt like I had accomplished something.  My friend Darren who also had a low slung hot hatch Ford EXP could out handle me in the turns by a mile but my bigger engine was always faster.

God I long for those days again when all we worried about was a fiver for gas to cruise up and down in our little town.


Hello my friends, I bave one word today.  YUCK

We Canadioans are used to snow, and today is no different but like a kiss this is a wet sloppy fucking mess.  no one likes that. All tongue and no technique. The kinda slobber that you would expect from a dog or Trump.

Yikes did I say that, yep i guess I did.

YUCK just go away already.