Vox Populi

It seems these days that people never studied their histories. As it is told time and time again those who do not remember the past are doomed to keep repeating it. It seems my readers, as many as you may be. We are again at that point.

I am not just speaking about the untold justice in Ukraine, but just the fucking unnatural lack of understanding of how we got here.

I hear people talking about stupid things like how Canada didn’t join WWII. Take a look at a book kiddo. But that is not the main point of my talk tonight. How about putting down the Cell Phone before going off ape shit about things you don’t know about.

Yes we all get upset about things. That is just natural. We are human, we think, we breathe, love, laugh and WORRY. Worry and Anxiety are awful things and that’s another part of being human.

First dates. Kissing someone. Killing a person in war. All a bundle of emotions. And that’s OK too.

But the thing I am taking issue here tonight is the uneducated spread of fear. You don’t have to be a scholar. What I am saying is more now that ever is the people have a voice.

Yes we can use that energy for Tic Tok or Insta Whatever. But honestly right now the human condition has never had so much instant information at it’s fingertips as right now.

Yes, we in the free world Choose our Directors of State. We let them set consensual boundaries in which we live.

But, we always remember the Vox Populi that the Romans held so dear and also feared.

Please try to do good my friends, whom ever is left out there. I still don’t have an editor so issues will abound. Just remember the people always have a voice be it voting, expression of freedoms or protest.


It’s time to really REALLY look at how we treat each other.

This is not going to be a long and pithy post but since I apparently have some spring in my key board.

As for typing and grammar errors bear with me my dear editor and I are not together any longer and I hate this new keyboard. So unfortunately you are stuck with me.

My message tonight is simple love each other, and don’t get me wrong we have come long ways as a people. Ice ages, massive changes in the landscape. But it all seems to boil down to one thing. This is what we don’t want coming along.

Maybe we can build a fire, sing a couple of those songs huh. With everything going on is that safe? But are we all going to screw each other over a couple of points to profit . Obviously a quote from AILENS. But it still rings true.

Humans will do what we do to survive these last few years should have taught us more than rabid oligarchs Always win because they think that money equals power. Well I have a rude Pearl Moment may be ahead.

So I will put on my Canadian battered and bashed hat . And gulp for just a minute.

You may not know this about Canada but we know all of your secrets. Why because you put it all on screen.

But that is not the point today, Well it could be if you could pick up Carson after school.

But in all honesty Canada the big brother, yea we are bigger. Canada took a big hit these last few weeks when we have our own reckoning coming when thousands of unmarked child graves have been finally found in areas that were apparently only school grounds.

I am holding back the bile in my neck when we realized what we finally uncovered. I must give full disclosure at this point I was adopted into a very caring home when I was an infant. But thousands of children were stolen from homes. Often promised a better way of life than the Dirty Indian. I am sorry if that offends but that is what it amounted to.

ARTI grew up White and I can’t change that but even in my own family I heard why did you marry a squa.

Honesty to a boy growing up that is saying is your mother a nigger. My family may contest but I heard the arguments.

So at least apparently we have come to a settlement. I watched the Canada Day festivities as always. But did you notice most of the country was dead silent.

And it should have stayed that way. A respectful remembrance to who all Canadians have lost.

Instead of fireworks the drones in the sky made a symbolic handshake to which the Crown, the Canadian Government the Roman Catholic Church always had agreed to. But never delivered. Gordon Downie offerd his hand and you have done nothing but look cute to deserve it.

Prove me wrong Sir John was a drunk but he built a railroad. Can you not bring clean water.

Respectfully Mister Prime Minister

Robert Michael Ogden

Too Many Guns, Not enough Education.

I’ll be honest I’ve stewed about writing this for a few days. Should I, shouldn’t I. But it’s become very clear that radical change is needed in America.

I am not promoting violence or uprising but pure and simple education.

I do not blame the radicals who attacked the seat of American democracy. I however cast suspicion upon the uneducated society that raised them.

All nations have people who disagree in a logical I get what you are saying in a dialogue. But you have to be aware of what your opponent is saying. Consider it and form a response.

Sadly last Wednesday this was not evident.

As I said I do not blame directly the people in that mob, I am sure they were fed many ideas that coalesced into action.

The real blame lies in the educational systems and lack there of in giving those involved access to critical thinking.

I had a history professor in University who taught me one thing above all others. To think critically. To think before acting. Now sadly this has not always been my strong point but at least I have a framework.

As is known around the world the American educational system is weak and prone to deficiency.

The slide to violence and mob rule show this quite clearly.

Now this is not the case across the board. I have many bright and educated American family and friends. But putting profits ahead of everything else may have worked at the turn of previous centuries may have worked then. But today is different and I really really hope you all catch up.

I hate to tell you America but this is exactly who you are.

I do not like to write this post, but I feel I have to. America you are a brutal, hateful, greedy nation. Period Full Stop.

As I have said many times in my writings I grew up on the border with America, really just a stream of a river separating our nations. Even as a young boy who absolutely adored sugary breakfast and Star Wars cards with fossilized gum as a kid I always felt there was something different.

In my teen years of course I wandered between nations and subtle drinking laws, mainly your girls coming over to Ontario to drink at 19. Wow easy easy easy.

But growing and observing y’all somethings never really felt right in my bones. Sure your music was groovy, and I loved Saturday Night Live but things just didn’t mesh with my growing Canadian attitude. There was always an undercurrent of Me before We. As a growing Canadian I have always felt a need to help others to give a hand up.

This was complete heresy to my friends and family to the south, ‘Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” is what I always heard. While in Canada, especially in my formative years it wasn’t so much boot straps but come on lets go for a whisky and a beer and sort things out.

Of course everyone is expected to pull their weight and do their best but then when things go wrong society kicks in to give you a hand.

The whole Trump thing is sadly a venture of your own making, a Pseudo business man who goes bankrupt more than he earns dollar one. A let’s face it Game Show host who somehow bungled into the White House. Even Pat Sajak couldn’t do that, and he has Vanna White and she can actually spell words.

Now Please don’t think I am shitting on all Americans. I have tons of American friends that I have offered safe harbour and sanctuary in Canada. But what I am saying is please please please pull your heads out of your collective asses and realize that this is not normal. Say Yes to Education, Say Yes to Intelligent Conversation. Say Yes to sometimes just saying NO, I will not do this any longer.

Once again this is not me shitting on my friends and neighbours to the south. Hell you guys rock. BUT if you want to play on the global stage Y’all have a mess of shit to clean up first.

So what’s wrong with free range children.

It just drives me nuts these days with hovering parents. Apparently they think their spawn are made of freaking candy glass. We all know the Karens and the Kens that hover over every movement.

FUCKING STOP IT. It’s not normal and it is not healthy. Yes I am Gen X one of the last free range kids that were allowed. Mind you I grew up in a small town in Canada so that may have some weight but I doubt it. Our parents had to work they all had jobs and shitty shift work. The best my brother and I ever got was maybe a neighbour girl to watch us in the afternoon

At worst we had my aunt who was practically blind and loved to smuggle things over the border in her purse. Side note if you have one of those and want to smuggle over some booze I totally recommend one.

Otherwise my bother and used to dance and play in our back yard in the morning dew. And If you believe that I have some land in Estonia to sell. We were little maniacs, climbing trees, running amok and basically trying to poison every one in the neighbourhood with our dandelion concoctions.

It was a grand time of riding bikes and learning our close family. We did have boundaries as such and were only allowed to go so far with in a few blocks of the house. But man those were a great few blocks of freedom.

Brent and I would ride up to our uncles house a bit out of bounds but he always had good fruit for me and good candy for Brent. My uncle was always a character always had the coffee on and a bottle open for whom ever would drop by.

In some substantial ways he was more of a father to me than my dad. Because he was mostly always there. Sure it was a almost a local joint where grown men came to talk and drink coffee and Five Star. But it was a safe place and when my Uncle was out working I could always find solace in my public library. My cousin worked in the downstairs children’s section so I could always brush up on the latest dinosaur finds. I credit her for my love of language and my early reading age. I was reading and talking by age 3.

So I guess the whole point of this post is give your children some room to grow. If you don’t take it early they are going to rip it from your hands as they grow anyway. But that was a different time and in a small town.

All I know is that I loved those bike riding days winning races and having the wind in my hair and the mud in my toes.

Thanks for listening