Vox Populi

It seems these days that people never studied their histories. As it is told time and time again those who do not remember the past are doomed to keep repeating it. It seems my readers, as many as you may be. We are again at that point.

I am not just speaking about the untold justice in Ukraine, but just the fucking unnatural lack of understanding of how we got here.

I hear people talking about stupid things like how Canada didn’t join WWII. Take a look at a book kiddo. But that is not the main point of my talk tonight. How about putting down the Cell Phone before going off ape shit about things you don’t know about.

Yes we all get upset about things. That is just natural. We are human, we think, we breathe, love, laugh and WORRY. Worry and Anxiety are awful things and that’s another part of being human.

First dates. Kissing someone. Killing a person in war. All a bundle of emotions. And that’s OK too.

But the thing I am taking issue here tonight is the uneducated spread of fear. You don’t have to be a scholar. What I am saying is more now that ever is the people have a voice.

Yes we can use that energy for Tic Tok or Insta Whatever. But honestly right now the human condition has never had so much instant information at it’s fingertips as right now.

Yes, we in the free world Choose our Directors of State. We let them set consensual boundaries in which we live.

But, we always remember the Vox Populi that the Romans held so dear and also feared.

Please try to do good my friends, whom ever is left out there. I still don’t have an editor so issues will abound. Just remember the people always have a voice be it voting, expression of freedoms or protest.


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