Thank you Harry Houdini and thank you world!

I am very grateful for the bounty of hits and new readers that you have delivered me.  Yes it was all at once and from all over the globe, but I feel the need to thank just the same.

I have worked here in my little space trying to put out the best that my mind can create.  Some people like it, others do not.  Of course there will be many among you that scoff at my numbers claiming a fraud or miscalculation.  But I assure you that they are unblemished.

Not only did the globe eat up my stories about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini but they also absolutely devoured everything else as well.  People from around the globe have had a taste of every part of Bob’s Place, and from what I can tell enjoyed.

The Far East and Europe.

Just look at those flags, I know many of you have complained about the flash player that displays them.  But WOW.

Far be it from me to hop up and down and pound my chest but from my point of view it looks like Winnipeg is representing!

Thank you one and all for following me through thick and thin.

Thank you Nikki.  Thank you SingleGirlie. Thank you Ivy.  Thank you Ryan. Thank you Red.  Thank you Nurse Myra.

I have no doubt that you ladies fostered this growth in your own small way.  I can see the links coming from every part of the world.

I will do my utmost best to continue the fun and frivolity that is my world.  Thank you one and all!!

Much love and respect.


6 responses to “197,866

  1. Nice one, well deserved that you get new readers and always a good boost for your blogging when you see stats like that! It makes you feel that you are not just talking to yourself like a loony! 😀

    • Totally Rincewind! Thing is that I didn’t even realize that anything was happening at first. I wrote those two posts on Houdini last year around Halloween time. They took FOREVER to write, so much research and double and triple checking my sources.

      Then last week when I popped on at work to check things out I was convinced that WordPress was broken again. It took me a while to link the jump in hits to Houdini’s birthday. It started in the far east and migrated across the Atlantic Ocean following the dawn.

      It actually took two days from a North American viewpoint due to the dateline being stuck in the middle of the ocean. But almost 200,ooo hits in two days is greatly welcome however it comes.

      It was a huge validation of my writing, these were not throwaway posts like some I bash off in 20 min. These were an attempt at something more. Yet it was not just those two posts that got hammered, across the board my blog got huge gains.

      The world treated my little webpage as a buffet, sampling a bit of this and that. Nice to finally get a taste of the big leagues!! Just wishing I had some sponsors, some of that action would have really been nice!