Winnipeg: City of Murals – Mike’s General Store

In doing my research on the murals here in Winnipeg I remembered a little store not too far away in Winnipeg’s St. Vital neighbourhood.

A good shot of the North and East sides of Mike's General Store.

Mike’s General Store is a one stop mural destination, where each and every facet of the outside is an ever changing tapestry.  Inside it is a treasure trove for antique and collectible enthusiasts.

The East side of Mikes General Store.

North Side of Mike's General Store

As I walked around snapping pictures of the artwork I smelled the faint odour of cigarette smoke.  Concentrating on taking good shots of the building I hadn’t noticed a ladder and paint leaning up against a tree on the boulevard.

Much to my amazement the artist was hard at work finishing up a brand new section of the mural.  A panel dedicated to legendary actor Steve McQueen.  One whole corner wall was filled with the iconic artwork from McQueen’s 1968 classic Bullitt.

Bullitt Mural on Mike's General Store

The artist Chris Easton had painted the entire shop over the years and when the store’s owner Mike decided to freshen up the artwork the Bullitt theme was decided upon being a classic Mustang owner himself.

Chris Easton Painting Mikes General Store

So if you like collectibles, antiques and murals do yourself a favour and check out Chris’s artwork while going through the store looking for that one must have item that you have searched for, you won’t be disappointed.

2 responses to “Winnipeg: City of Murals – Mike’s General Store

  1. Wow. This is my kind of store – filled with treasures, cigarettes, art, etc.

    But are there snacks inside?? Fresh snacks like Cheez-Its?

  2. No I don’t think Cheeze-its are on the menu at this particular location.
    However when in Canada I would recomend an even better cheezy snack your show ponyness. Hawkins Cheesies rule, soo soo yummy.