The Rules

Hello, one and all.

Welcome to my little home on the Internet.  It’s a comfortable place where everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion.  That being said I do have some rules for posting comments here.

1. Feel free to comment on anything!  Absolutely everything here is up for debate.

2. When commenting please keep your thoughts on topic

3. Try to keep any comments you may post polite.  Flaming and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

4. Feel free to bring up topics that you would like discussed.

5. I have the final say on what content goes into these pages.

6. All original content is the property of the author.

7. Have fun and feel free to grab a cookie!

4 responses to “The Rules

  1. Hi Bob!

    Ruth and Larry from Up to Speed had forwarded me your email about this blog. This is why I love the CBC and its listeners. Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day to link me up to your blog. Will be checking it out today, and I fly in tomorrow.


  2. Following you as of today from Vancouver! 🙂 Nom nom nom (on cookie)

    • Welcome to wonderful Vancouver. I hope you find lots of interesting things to eat (metaphorically) and to keep you interested in my little blog.

      I am tending more to stick to Winnipeg related topics lately but don’t be surprised at all to see something appear completely from left field every now and then. I have basically stopped questioning how my brain works and just run with it.

      Feel free to comment on anything you see here, everything is up for debate. But do keep it sane and civil please.

      Have a good one and enjoy your stay.

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