Winter In Winnipeg: A Photographic Entry.

With the Winter Olympics just under a week away in Vancouver I thought it fitting to hit the road today and take a little drive through town.  Camera in hand, happily snapping pictures detailing a typical winter’s weekend day here in Winnipeg.

Festival Du Voyageur is also only a week or so away and the town is in high gear prepping for our French Canadian Winter Festival.  This means one thing, above all. Snow sculptures!

Manitoba Hydro: Dinosaurs in a Canoe

Dino's in a Canoe: Closeup

A little further up the road a strange snow sculpture greeted me, seemingly looking 3 ways at once.  The bearded voyageurs guarding the entrance to Fort Gibraltar.  Home of the Festival Du Voyageur.

Voyageur Faces

Faces and Sign

Just down the road from Fort Gibraltar lays The Forks Market.  Every year its foot paths become skating trails and the fields become a snowboard park. Even though the day was overcast, the weather was mild and people were enjoying winter activities.

Entrance to the Arctic Glacier Park at The Forks

Snowboarders enjoying the day.

Just off the back edge of The Forks site is the construction area for the upcoming Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  Massive cranes sweep the sky building a mountain on the prairies.

Building The Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Travel Manitoba Building at The Forks

The Forks Market, as I mentioned is a maze of skating trails and winter activities during our 4 or 5 months below freezing.  Families and tourists flock to the Market in search of fun things to do.

Children checking out the Ice Castle.

A family enjoying a skate at The Forks.

Warming up in a Tee Pee before hitting the River Trail.

If your favorite sports include Skating, Hockey or Curling the River Trail is the place for you!

Curling on the River Ice

Hockey on the River Anyone??

After walking around outside I thought it was time to check out what was going on inside the market.  As normal it was hopping with people getting a bite to eat from one of the many ethnic eateries or enjoying the tunes at a buskers station.  It is one of the few places in town where within steps you can enjoy Caribbean, or South American food and listen to a live performance all while you eat!!  Beat that Tony Bourdain!

Bindy's Caribbean Delights

The Chilean Corner at The Forks

A Friendly Busker sings for his Lunch.

Inside the busy market area.

Lunch in my belly I headed back out into the city to find some more winter action.  Stay tuned for Part 2 of this winter photo showcase!

11 responses to “Winter In Winnipeg: A Photographic Entry.

  1. Beautiful. I love the snow/ice sculptures.

    Here is my winter in Winnipeg photo display if you would like to see it. There are 39 shots there.

    • Wow thanks for letting us see those great pictures Laurie. I take it you live somewhere near the west end?? I used to live in that part of town and recognize many of the individual homes.

      Please feel free to look through my back issues, I have started a little photo collection of my own. Trying to introduce the world to the wonder that is Winnipeg is hard with out good photos.

      Thanks for coming by I hope to see you in these pages again real soon!

  2. I must say you Winnipegans (would that be the correct word for residents of your fair city) are heartier sorts than we Chicagoans. We get through winter, and there are skating rinks and sledding, but the snow sculptures and climbing of ice walls don’t happen much here. Of course, we only have 3 months of winter, and it sounds like you have about 5. Your photos are excellent. Please do more of Winnipeg; it’s fun being taken on a guided tour.

    • We prefer the term Winnipegger, and what I can figure you Chicagoans are pretty tough birds in your own right!

      We are just used to having to deal with the cold and snow, believe me this city really comes alive in the summer when everyone is through hibernating.

      Thanks for all of the nice comments about our festivals and sculptures though, stick around for more!!

  3. Lot more snow lot more ice than we have here in Southern California (we do have Big Bear). BTW the new museum of Human rights has gotten some coverage here in the Los angeles area ,heard it said it will be iconic, on the scale of Sydneys Opera House, ur Parliament buildings have got to be one of a kind, simply awesome. Would be awesome to see you folks totally restore your Basilica of St. boniface, we need a little joi de vivre in Western North America, it must also have been beautiful before it was destroyed, would be a hell of a balance (architectually) with ur new Human rights museum across the river. You have a great and unique city, one of a kind in North america and the food is unsurpassed anywhere .

    • Glad you liked the post Johannim. The construction on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is progressing as I write this. Even in the dead of winter the steel frame keeps rising.

      I highly doubt that the Basilica in St. Boniface will ever be restored to it’s original glory. The cost and scale of such a project just seem out of reach in today’s Winnipeg. If anything I think they actually attract more people as ruins.

  4. ya Winnipeger not Winnipegan but that was coming from a chicagoerrrrr so what can u expect.

  5. Post/postscript I would kill for Winnipeg perogies, the frozen crap we have is a cross between a golfballs and baseballs. Not enough Ukrainians, Poles or Russians here i guess and ur brutally delicious Jewish Knishes. OK folks thats all I got to say bout ur town cept “don’t let anyone put you down.

  6. I hear you Bob but if you think about it the quarter billion dollar human rights museum was originally though to be out of reach for your city, but you did it. If there’s a will ?? you will see that cathedral reborn –mozel tov.

  7. just have to close with this Bob I realize what Winnipeg would be like weatherwise in february but to make you feel good we went down to a freezing +9c=about 48f last night, was brutally cold here in Orange county.

    • Well Johannim we have been bouncing between -30 c and +2 c here these last few weeks and it’s playing havoc with our infrastructure. Water mains are snapping everywhere like toothpicks flooding peoples homes and businesses.

      I personally had to shovel about 3 solid feet of snow out of my front yard to prepare for spring flooding. It’s been a brutal winter this year even by Winnipeg standards.

      May I ask how you know so much about our town and our food. Sounds like you may be an ex-patriot or a frequent visitor if you know so much about Winnipeg north end perogies. Yes they are the best, I am planning a trip to Alycia’s for the food portion of my blog soon. Yummy!