Winnipeg in Autumn: A Pictorial Review

Just the other day I was looking at my blog’s numbers and noticed that besides my pieces on Mrs. Mikes hamburger stand and Segovia Tapas Bar.  Among the most visited stories have been my work on Winter in Winnipeg.   Since we have had such a beautiful fall season here this year I thought was fitting to give my readers around the world a look at Winnipeg before the snow buries us, enjoy.

The Forks Market and Assiniboine River

The Forks Market is Winnipeg’s answer to urban decay. In the early 1990’s city counsel decided that the derelict train yards that once fed Winnipeg’s downtown area were to be converted into a public space.   For some 6000 years it was the natural meeting place of the Native Peoples who lived and navigated through the area as two major rivers systems connect here.  The Red and Assiniboine.

Winnipeg Downtown Skyline from the Forks Market.

Old Rail Lift Bridge and the Assiniboine River at the Forks Market.

Assiniboine River at Dusk.

Forks Market Courtyard from the River Walk.

Assiniboine Park

In 1904 the City of Winnipeg purchased 283 acres of woodland and prairie bordering the Assiniboine River.  Originally called Suburban Park the land quickly became one of the city’s première leisure spots where city residents could relax in a peaceful setting.  Personally this park has been my oasis of reflection over the years.  Strolling down the wooded pathways with only the sounds of wind in the trees and chattering of squirrels to distract from my thoughts. 

Footbridge Crossing the Assiniboine River facing Portage Ave.

Assiniboine River from the Footbridge (Looking West)

Assiniboine River from the Footbridge (Looking East)

The Start of a Footpath Through the Woods

A Fork in the Path


Guardian of the Path

Fuzzy Friend

Wide Open Spaces

Assiniboine Park Cricket Fields (Yes, people still play Cricket here!)

The Grand Entrance Way Footpath.

The Grand Entrance facing the Park Pavilion

Park Pavilion in Shadow

7 responses to “Winnipeg in Autumn: A Pictorial Review

  1. Amazing! Next time I am in Manitoba I will definitely like to go there! Your pictures are stunning too!

    • Welcome Bcdh.

      I am so happy that you like my photography. I really don’t have much training as a photographer. But with views like this all around all one has to do is just take the time to do it justice.

      I am planning a second part to this post that should hit the website early next week. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Bob’s Place, come back anytime!


  2. I’ve not yet been to Winnipeg. Thanks for sharing these great pictures. I know it is particularly difficult to capture an image of a foraging squirrel…well done!

  3. Winnipeg looks like exactly my favorite temperature. Great pics.

    • Hmmmmm. Your favourite temperature??? When I took those shots it was just hovering around 5 degrees Celsius. So it was pretty chilly, mind you at that temp your drink would never really have a chance to get warm. The bad part about it is that winter is on it’s way here. Time to get ready for a serious case of snow balls. -30 degree weather is on it’s way.