So what makes Bob tick??


Hi, my name is Bob and I write about Winnipeg. A man and a city in the heart of the continent. Join me as I explore my city, the good and the bad. The tastes, the people, Winnipeg’s history and future.  I’m a mid forty something food enthusiast who’s always on the lookout for a new taste experience.

Winnipeg is not for everyone, our winters are long and cold and our summer mosquito’s can be truly fierce. But for those of you willing to dig deeper will find a vibrant undercurrent of eclectic music, festivals and down home warmth.

So be brave and dive into the pages of Exploring Winnipeg and Beyond, you’ll be happy you did.


6 responses to “So what makes Bob tick??

  1. Hi Bob, my name is Dylan Bekkering, and i am a graphic designer from price.I stumbled across you awesome shots of the forks in winter and its the only image I can find that matches an article for our wellness brochure, I was wondering if it would be okay if I use it, it is not for profit, but I would like to have your permission. I will also put a photo credit on it.
    please get back to me asap because this thing has to go out next week!
    Thank you for your time, you have some really great stuff on here!

  2. Kudos, Bob! Excellent site.

  3. Hello, Bob,
    Just stumbled upon your site.
    so, you are a Winnipeg ‘poet’, eh? Great! 🙂
    Could you help me resolve a little ‘art-deco’ puzzle I recently found accidentally while walking across inner city in Winnipeg?

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