Trump hits the economy like a hammer.

I’ve been a political observer and odd time commenter for years.  Predicting trends on an Canadian, American pan global crash and recovery.

I didn’t want any of this to happen but I and I’m sure many others could have predicted the rise of trump.  What I saw a decade ago when the auto industry was being gutted overseas.  The cut bait manner of industry towrds the middle class. Throwing jobs overseas. 

It was rare then, but the tide was turning.  I build airplanes for a living.  Yes in canada, but in close partnership with Boeing Seattle. 

I may not support trump policy, but I do enjoy making an airplane for everyone.

Even if Trump is impeached tomorrow Russia, China and North Korea have already won.

As Americans celebrate the peaceful transition of Presidential power on Capitol Hill I’m sure Putin is halfway through a bottle of vodka rubbing his hands together with glee.  

America is a country in utter turmoil, effectively ripping itself apart.  From this point on and into the foreseeable future all the enimies of western democracy just have to sit back and watch and wait.  Yes the’re peaceful sit ins and marches planned for the next week and I have no doubt that they will number in the millions.

However as dignitaries arrived at the event gangs of black clad jack booted thugs ran through the streets.  Many carrying solid red flags, smashing windows and trashing anything they could get their hands on.  I personally witnessed a live shot of a thug tossing a trash can and giving a quick Nazi salute before running off in an attempt to evade police and pepper spray.  Just a little too close to Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass) for my liking. I couldn’t tell if I was watching the live news feed or the Pink Floyd video Run Like Hell

It appears that battle lines are being drawn in America and I sincerely hope that scenes like what the world witnessed today are the exception and not the new normal.  I also wish the incoming American President the best of luck with healing a fractured nation even if I, a Canadian, do not agree with his policy.  As much as it pains me to say it, the world needs a strong America.

Do not play into the hands of our foes, be strong and united America. Bring yourselves together regardless of your political views. The world, friend and foe, is watching you.

But it’s a really dry cold.

I have only a handful of people that know about the cold and wind that I’m talking about. Christian and Annuschka. I live in Winnipeg a crazy town, that is very bipolar.

Summer has a festival every week. In winter we hunker down but is no less hospitable.
We are a warm city. It’s cold here sometimes but we welcome all, actually offering refuge for many Islamic refugies.

In this uncertain state, and our uncertainty in global government I am glad for our cold.
Those who refuse to remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

RIP Leonard Cohen; “I’m Your Man”…Jewish Blues at its finest; an explanation of “Shivah” follows…by Chuck Duboff

Beautiful explanation of tradition, and of a beautiful voice.

Chuck's Eclectic Blog.

© Chuck Duboff: in our Jewish faith, there is a seven day mourning period called Shivah, when someone passes away.  During this time, family and friends gather to celebrate the life of the person who has moved on…Leonard Cohen was a devout Jew; he passed away last Monday, but family and friends kept it quiet.  His body was flown from Los Angeles to his home of Montreal and last Thursday the funeral was held at the synagogue which Leonard regularly attended.  As much as his music was spiritual in nature, his devotion to his culture and religion brought him great solace in life.

As a tribute to Leonard, I will post his wonderful music for seven days; this is my way of sitting Shivah for a man who deeply inspired me, whose insight into life, whose understanding and expression brought some clarity to this complex journey we are all on…

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I hugged a stranger yesterday 

So I went for breakfast the other morning.  Great eggs Benidict, the best, greatest.  As I was drinking my coffee.  Actually the first cups in years.  I heard a woman talking about politics, not strange but the passion she had was immense.  I was at the counter to pay my bill, and I just went over and hugged her.  Not a creepy groping hug but a tender loving hug.

She looked up in bewildered silence and said I was wondering who hugged me.  I replied I had heard her speach and thought she needed a hug.   I payed my bill and exited.  

I remember you well

At the chelsea hotel,

Good night sweet Montreal Bard.

A Canadian Icon died today, that gravel voiced poet. Who dared us to stay till closing time, prodded to the future, and made us want it darker.  We are a more because of your words and less without you.  

You want it darker, I’m ready my lord. Let’s kill the flame.