OK Time for a piss break.

America, literally what the fuck. Does the world need to give you a slap?

The land of the free the home of the brave….Ok But Seig Heil Trump? That’s just a little bit to twilight zone for Lil ol me. Yet this shit is actually happening. FUCK, dudes I thought Illinois Nazis were only in the Blues Brothers. I had no idea they were hiding in closets and under stairs like people (Notice I Didn’t Say Black People) waiting for the underground railroad.

Every time I see a demonstration by ANY group against another, Black, White, Green Fuckin Purple it makes my skin crawl.

Once upon a long time ago I was the boss on a minor job. My assistant, once we were up and working on ladders turned to me and thanked me. I asked what the hell for? He replied because you treat me like a human being. Granted he had substance issues, but I told him he was doing a fine today. He was expecting a boss that hated him, part native. He said as much, I said I didn’t fucking care if he was purple as long as he did the job and did it to expectations. He was an excellent partner.

There always is a time to take a piss break. Time to take a reflection of what’s happening in your own personal world. Really what is life but some Billions of individual world’s bumping around.

We all encounter people who are different, and I’ll be the first to say I didn’t know if “those heathen bastards would fit in” Then we had a beer and a few years went by, funny that when you drink.

Did the world go all to crap were our jobs gone? Fuck no, those smart buggers started buisness that hired people. How the hell did they do that you may ask. Hard fucking work, just like the families that came before us.

Bottom line to the Alt Right, New Nazis or whatever you call it. New people are ALWAYS coming always have, always will.

Check your fucking drivers license for where you came from and it will always say Africa. Time and natural evolution. …say it with me class.

EVOLUTION, has made us who we are, there is No White Race? As much as Nascar or Fox Needs you to believe it.

There is no such thing as Race other than Human. FULL STOP.


Late night thoughts on Trump’$ America

Do you service a product? How do you produce? It’s a scary thought.

Do Americans realise that people are running away rather towards you?I don’t know, but when I see my news and see people running for freedom instead of the Exited States I don’t know how to feel.

I am proud on one hand willing to welcome the sad unfortunate, and sad that the United States is not doing very much to help so many.

Canada is a large country with much to give and we welcome with open arms.

It’s just sad to me that America can’t do the same.

Hey 45 you better scrape your bone spurred feet off before you enter the White House.

I as you all know am not a philosopher king but I sure know an idiot when I see one. The last tyrant king I outed ended up on the end of a rope a half a world away. With some great relief 45 you’ve done all of this to your self. It’s one thing to poke and prod the members of what you think are your vassals in the houses of congress.

But now you are picking fights you can’t hope to win. Lemme tell it to you plain you mook, you done fucked up. Wiping your ass with the Constitution you swore to protect shielding your business interests let’s just say East of Jersey. The world is laughing at you, from every corner. It’s like watching Larry, Curly and Moe all at once but it’s all you. Bing, bing, bong boom. Wasn’t that how you put it?

From all around the world people look to the United States and what do you do when people are in need. Slam the door, fuck em. Fuck Europe, fuck Mexico, let’s try to bend over Canada and rape that pussy. NOT GONNA HAPPEN MY FRIEND.

It’s one thing to piss off the world, that happens on a semi regular basis. But to take a steaming dump on your own service men and women while tweeting, presumably on the can. Un fucking belevible.

You go around your nation and host rallies to stroke your ego with people who you know full well that are going to face hardship with medical bills that are still never going to see the light of day.

The whole world can see you now as the sad man you are, a boychild who doesn’t stand up to his responsibility, runs from debts, cheats and lies. Well the world can see behind the curtain now big boy, and you are burning allies left right and center. First your intelligence agencies, then the people who had your back in your staff. Most of Europe, oops.  The kids and parents in the Scout Corps, for shame.  And then you take a dump on the men and women who fight not only for the country but for the personal and sexual freedoms you take for granted.

What else can I say.

Come Winnipeg and get your mix, mingle and high end cocktails on.

As often happens being a writer who is all about what’s hot and fresh in this city I received an invitation that I simply could not refuse.  This coming Monday evening, the 26th of June at 6 pm the Made with Love regional finals for bartending and mixology are taking place at the Hotel Fort Garry.

You may indeed ask, Bob what is a mixologist and why should I care?  Simply put dear reader a mixologist is a bartender who has chosen to investigate the serious flavours and combinations that can be developed when mixing different spirits, juices and other tasty beverages.  Much like wines are chosen for taste, body and aroma, cocktails can also be customized to suit a specific course of food or the mood of the patron enjoying a cold refreshing drink.

This Monday you the general public are invited to sample and also vote for your favorite cocktail as well as your favorite local bartender/mixologist.  As I mentioned the event takes place this coming Monday evening 6 -11 PM at Winnipeg’s premier destination, The Hotel Fort Garry. Advance tickets are $65, available at the hotel and online. Tickets at the door are $75.  

So come out for a night of sophisticated conversation and elegant cocktails paired with food and frivolity. Enjoy the high end skills that grace some of Winnipeg’s finest dining establishments.  I’ll be there covering the event so make sure you stop and say Hi. 



A kiss on the top of the head goodnight.

A simple kiss can say so much on how it’s given.  In actual fact I have only given that special kiss to one very special girl.  It’s about caring and kindness, safety and security.  And I’m crying as I write this tonight.

All I feel for that special girl was taken away from you in a split second. All the love, hope, safety, and independence was taken away in a heartbeat in a bomb blast.  

I grive for the mothers and fathers who cannot put their daughters to sleep in safety tonight. For those whose bedtime kisses have been stolen away for eternity. 

There are no words to take away that screaming pain, nothing I can say will make it better or bring them back to your everloving arms. 

All I can say is I stand beside you as someone who cares and someone who will grieve with you. Even if I am half a world away. 

With love and remerance.


The winds of spring.

Any person who lives in the north can smell when winter is about to decend. It’s more than a chill in the air, it’s a whole emotion.  It grabs your bones and says hi fucker I’m back.

Spring is subtle, March plays with a Canadian’s emotions.  It teases like a prom date in a fancy dress.  Hey look at me, you might get laid….But more than likely not.

But that wind gives it all away, lifts that skirt and gives us all a good show.  I felt that wind today. Spring is coming.

I can’t wait, too long Winnipeg has been it it’s rabbit holes, not that we hide. Oh yes we embrace winter in all of her icy glory.  But when we thaw Winnipeg really begins to shine.

That Golden Boy beacon of the prairies, festival upon festival. The Blue Bombers, the Winnipeg Folk Festival, the Fringe theatre festival, Folklorama,  the Red River Ex.

I could go on and on.  Winnipeg may be a winter city but we explode with hearts open in the summer.

Come and check us out, you won’t be disappointed.


All Hail King 45

ALL BOW LOW AND BE RESPECTFUL OF 45. HE DEMANDS OBEDIENCE. Not only from his own but from the whole world he covets. Do not challenge his wisdom, there is none. Do not dispute his intelligence. It is limited.  Do … Continue reading