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The Stanley Cup – An almost impossible dream.

I have always been a staunch supporter of hockey, although I am not much of a player to speak of.  In fact, I can hardly get my wonky legs to carry me on skates these days.  However watching sports here in the north of North America one thing has always bugged me about my neighbors to the south and their precious NFL football claiming that the Superbowl is the hardest of all the trophies in pro-sports to kiss and hold high in victory.

Yes, I will grant that Football is a man’s sport fraught with contact and danger. However I would wager my front teeth that hockey is really the sport that is that hardest on the body and hardest sport in which to win the top prize.  The NHL’s Stanley Cup.

Should it please the court I will present my evidence.

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Winnipeg Jets Anthem: I just gotta hit that!

Ok, I’ll admit that I’ve been a bit wrapped up in the Winnipeg Jets new season.  In fact I have it on the big screen as I type this.

Local artists working with Ace Burpee of snow sculpture fame have crafted a new twist on the hit dance tune Party Rock Anthem.

For your listening and dancing enjoyment, let’s spin this mother.

Are you dancing???



Up and Running

Hey everybody I feel like a newborn baby deer on untried legs so please stay with me and be patient.  We have our computer again, actually thanks to the great staff at 360 computers here in Winnipeg we have a brand new most excellent mid-range model that I am still trying to figure out.

When I was say 20 I could dive in and just know what to do, actually that’s a lie I was never very good at programming.  But with time comes knowledge and I hope to be pecking away at this new keyboard with less intensity in trying to find the keys, the old one was broken in so nicely!

Oh well, as always I have a million ideas in my brain to write about. James Bond‘s connection to Winnipeg, The Jets return home and what ever else grabs my mind that’s tasty and good.

I do apologize for the lack of good content over the last summer spell, but until you have tried to do a 600 word post on a iPhone or android device you have no idea what I’ve been struggling with.

To my blogging faithful who have stuck with me through thick and thin I thank you for your ongoing support.

See you soon and with pictures!!!


Go Jets Go!

Well it’s official hockey fans Winnipeg is playing in the big leagues again!!  At 11 am this morning the Atlanta Thrashers hockey club became property of True North Sports and Entertainment!  Pending approval by the NHL board of governors.  

The goal now, pardon the pun, is to raise a season ticket base in the neighbourhood of 13,000 strong.  The group headed by Mark Chipman and David Thompson think this is an attainable mark, and one that the NHL will consider acceptable for fiscal suitability.

Seating Map for the MTS Centre

Season ticket packages

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