Sunday Journal – June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day Everyone.

First things first, let me add my voice to the growing throng who are pissed off as all hell at what happened in Vancouver this week.  To my mind it was a perfect storm of emotion and alcohol fuelled mayhem that only needed a spark to explode.  I believe that at the heart of the Vancouver riot there was a core element that was not there to celebrate game 7.

Vancouver Riot

Who in their right mind shows up to a street party with a baseball bat or Molotov cocktail? This was not a riot based on the win or the loss of a hockey game in my opinion. This was a deliberate act by a core group of hateful people who were determined to twist the drunken emotion of a hopeful crowd into a violent orgy of hate.  Mission accomplished.  I hope you were stupid enough to get your picture taken by one of the hundreds of cameras present at the event.

Water Polo player caught red handed.

May you feel the hot breath of your new butch cellmate on the nape of your neck as he introduces you to life in jail! Bitch.

But even in the heart of the madness, ordinary people stood up and said “NO!”, sadly many of them were beaten.  This creative picture shows love in the midst of anger,  mirroring a famous photograph of a passionate kiss in the midst of celebration in Times Square.

A kiss for the ages amid the riot. (Photo - Rich Lam)

Secondly as many of you follow my musings on Twitter know that this weekend was the negotiation deadline for our labour agreement at work.  I am relieved to tell you that I will not be hitting the picket lines come Monday morning but I will be returning to work as I had hoped.   Our contract while not spectacular did have modest gains across the board with no takeaways or changes to our pension plan.

Finally, I would like to wish a very Happy Father’s Day to Dads everywhere.  As I happen to be one myself I treated my family to a pre-emptive BBQ yesterday evening.  I expressed my gratitude with a fabulous spread.  Steak tacos were on the menu last night. Thinly sliced strips of perfectly cooked strip steaks, served on warm flour tortillas with homemade salsa Verdi featuring cilantro and hot peppers grown from our own garden.  YUMMY!

To all the dads that can’t be with us today, whether you are away from the family on the road, overseas in Afghanistan and else wear, or passed on to the next life.  We miss you, and we will keep your patience and love in our hearts always.  Hug Your Dad, he may not say much but believe me he appreciates the love.

Sending our love to all the Dad’s out there from one who just left us this weekend.  Clarence Clemons, saxophone master from The E Street Band has passed away this weekend from complications due to the stroke he suffered earlier last week.  We will miss your soulful sound brother.  I only got to see you live once, performing at the 25th Anniversary of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in New York. But man did your playing bring goose bumps to my skin.

Rest in peace Clarence, Rock on Brother!

9 responses to “Sunday Journal – June 19, 2011

  1. Happy Father’s Day! That BBQ sounded great! 😀

    Love that pic of the couple kissing amid the chaos.

  2. Surely that’s a staged photo… who in their right mind would lie down in the middle of the road and start kissing during a riot?

    Happy Father’s Day!

  3. Well all I know is that either it’s just a damn good lucky shot or wonderfully staged. They claim that it was all just spur of the moment. In either case I think it’s a very sensual photo. Got my motor running for sure…

    Made me think of your naughty Friday features.. Damm

  4. I was truly disgusted by the way this riot happened but am not blaming the supporters all too much, this is just gangs who wants to fight. Hope they get the leaders who organised this and may they feel the wrath of Bubba in jail.

    but happy fathers day to you, hope they were nice and spoiled you good…

  5. Yeah… why exactly do people riot, regardless of wining or losing? It’s sports, people, now grow the F up (although… I have to laugh at the dumbass kid who got caught).

    Happy Father’s Day, Bob! Sounds like it was a great one! 😀

    • I just wish people would learn to chill for god sakes. It’s only a hockey game, even though the riots in my point of view had nothing to do with hockey.

  6. I agree, some people went to downtown Vancouver to riot whether the Canuck won or lost. I hope they are all caught for their stupid actions.

    On a happier note. Happy (belated) Father’s Day! Hope you had a great day!

  7. Thanks for the comments Bev, see you in a couple of months!