Why Winnipeg Rocks: Roller Derby

Hi again, it’s been a while I know and I do apologize.  But we’ve had a couple of crazy weeks here.  First of all summer has finally arrived so that means keeping the garden in shape, cutting the grass and supporting our Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Summertime also marks the end of the school year and we are proud to announce that Dominick has entered the world of adulthood with flying colours.  He graduated high school this week so Dar and I were busy with all the graduation prep and parties.  Long week indeed.

Why Winnipeg rocks, is an ongoing series that really showcases the best of what Winnipeg has to offer.  The strange and attention-getting things that a visitor would have no idea went on here.

Winnipeg Roller Derby League

First on my list is roller derby.  Thought of as a relic from the 50’s and 60’s, the game has made a comeback. The Winnipeg Roller Derby League features rough and tumble women roller skating in short skirts and bashing each other about on a track to earn points by passing the opposing team.

The Valkyries Wrath line up against The Backseat Betties.

Titillating, maybe.  Sexist, absolutely not.  These girls go hard on the track, this is not a sport for girls who just want to show off their legs. I doubt most men could take this kind of abuse on roller skates and come off the track smiling.

Fast paced action as the girls mix it up in a Jam.

Each bout, a term taken from boxing, is marked by 30 minute halves. Each half containing as many 2 minute scoring cycles known as Jams as they can fit.  The teams each use a fast skater known as the Jammer who tries to pass as many opposing players as she can.  For each player she passes, she scores a point.

The Jammers start from behind the pack make it through the group and then begin to collect points for every opponent they pass.  Only the first Jammer through the pack is allowed to score points.  The Jammers can be blocked by the opposing teams Blockers and Pivots and aided by their own players.  Sounds confusing I know but once you watch a couple of rounds it actually makes sense.

With team names like The Valkyries Wrath, Backseat Betties and The Corporation you can tell that these ladies are serious about the sport. Yet they take great pride in claiming a roller derby persona for themselves.  Sporting jerseys bearing such track names as Ani Position, Sluggernaut, Kris Myass, and Frisky Kitty.  How could you not have fun, heck even the referees have track names. Will Ryder, Wadeaminute, and Liv Krazy just to name a few.

Roller derby is one of those fun summertime activities that brings some excitement to an otherwise lazy summer evening.  Going out with a group of friends having a few drinks and watching a good spirited bout of girls on skates as they bash each other about.  What could be more fun?

The next bout in the Summer Series of Winnipeg Roller Derby takes place July 16th at The Fort Gary Curling Club.  Featuring The Backseat Betties VS. The Corporation.

7 responses to “Why Winnipeg Rocks: Roller Derby

  1. Looks like fun! Hope you are having a fab summer. 😀

  2. Well now that we are both done the whole stressful graduation thing the summer is looking up!! The thing about Winnipeg is that people only associate us with winter. Yes we have winter but our summers are incredible here, we are among the sunniest cities on the planet and aside from the odd thunderstorm our summer climate is normally in the high 20’s Celsius.

    Thanks for strapping on a helmet and chiming in Ivy, YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND!!!

  3. Wahoo! Sounds like a blast, Bob! Let’s go this weekend! 😀

    • Well I don’t think there are any bouts here this weekend but come on up for a visit and I am sure we can find lots of exciting things to do!!

  4. Wasn’t this a Drew Barrymore movie?

    When are they going to invent a sport in which men duke it out in banana hammocks?

  5. Love it! Check out “Roller Derby Saved my Soul” — a fun song about the kind of girls that do the derby!