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Post 200 – Winnipeg: A pictorial day in the life

Wow I can’t believe this is my 200th post here on WordPress. It honestly seems like yesterday when Dar and I jetted off to New York City and through the encouragement of some people on another blog I started my own journey through life on the blogosphere.

It’s hardly been a smooth journey, I’ve lost my father, been kicked out and accepted back home.  We’ve been to countless restaurants and concerts, not to mention Blue Bomber football games and the awesome return of the Winnipeg Jets.

I’ve been kicking around a lot of ideas for today’s post.  I thought about doing many grand things, like telling you about the Winnipeg origins of the worlds most famous spy.  Or perhaps taking you on that grand tour of the Manitoba Legislature that I have been promising since almost the first sentence of my blog in late November of 2009.

Then I got to thinking about what this blog is all about, Winnipeg,  sure I write it and Dar and I get bit parts in my posts but honestly the city and it’s people are the stars.

So that’s what I’m going to focus on today, number 200 will take you on a tour of Winnipeg with pictures on a frosty winters day in February.

I hope you enjoy.

Winnipeg Mint

The sun is just climbing into the early morning sky as we begin our journey at the Winnipeg Mint. Here’s a snow sculpture of the Winnipeg Jets logo.
Three days of above seasonal temperatures and fog has covered everything in a beautiful layer of hoar frost.

Even the flags are silent in the cold winter’s morning

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The Winnipeg Jets are finally starting to find their wings.

Last night Dar and I were lucky enough to take in our second Winnipeg Jets game of the year.  It is easily one of the hottest tickets in town now and any chance we can get to take in a game we obviously jump at.

Tickets to the Jets vs Devils game.

We joined 15,000 other rabid Jets fanatics for the chance to cheer for our team and jeer the antics of the struggling New Jersey Devils.  Looking at the stats for both squads before the game I noticed that both the Devils and Jets were sitting right around .500 on the year so it could be anyone’s game.

Being no strangers to the Winnipeg sports scene we knew to arrive early to beat the crowds and grab a bite to eat outside the arena where prices are needlessly inflated. Winnipeggers may be sports fans but we are also ruthless in our search of a bargain.

After a quick bite in a nearby mall food court we headed in to grab our seats, everywhere you looked the shiny new logo of the Jets was worn with pride.  Hats, sweaters (jerseys), and even scarves were on display.  A mix of the old logo and the new logo helped to give the crowded thorough fare some definition.

Winnipeg Jet's logos on the ice pregame.

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Winnipeg Jets Anthem: I just gotta hit that!

Ok, I’ll admit that I’ve been a bit wrapped up in the Winnipeg Jets new season.  In fact I have it on the big screen as I type this.

Local artists working with Ace Burpee of snow sculpture fame have crafted a new twist on the hit dance tune Party Rock Anthem.

For your listening and dancing enjoyment, let’s spin this mother.

Are you dancing???



Bombers, Jets and Turkeys oh my!

Well for my fans across the globe welcome to Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

As it turns out I have a great deal to be thankful about.   First and most clear I am typing again with both hands on a brand new computer.  Actually its kinda freaking me out with its lack of lag and invincibility maybe I should tape a Superman sticker across the front of it. Continue reading

Up and Running

Hey everybody I feel like a newborn baby deer on untried legs so please stay with me and be patient.  We have our computer again, actually thanks to the great staff at 360 computers here in Winnipeg we have a brand new most excellent mid-range model that I am still trying to figure out.

When I was say 20 I could dive in and just know what to do, actually that’s a lie I was never very good at programming.  But with time comes knowledge and I hope to be pecking away at this new keyboard with less intensity in trying to find the keys, the old one was broken in so nicely!

Oh well, as always I have a million ideas in my brain to write about. James Bond‘s connection to Winnipeg, The Jets return home and what ever else grabs my mind that’s tasty and good.

I do apologize for the lack of good content over the last summer spell, but until you have tried to do a 600 word post on a iPhone or android device you have no idea what I’ve been struggling with.

To my blogging faithful who have stuck with me through thick and thin I thank you for your ongoing support.

See you soon and with pictures!!!