Was Harry Houdini America’s first international super spy?

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There is a great deal of recent speculation on the life and times of one of magic’s greatest legends, Harry Houdini.  It seems that new information has come to light on things that governments don’t like to talk about.  Espionage.

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Happy Birthday Harry Houdini.

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Seeing  as tomorrow marks the 137th anniversary of Harry Houdini’s birth I would like to take a minute or two to honour this master illusionist, escape artist and debunker of spiritual chicanery.

Harry Houdini

To read more about Harry and his life, check out these two great posts that I wrote last year on the topic.

Spirits, levitation and Sherlock Holmes

Harry Houdini: The Mythbuster of his age

Happy Birthday Harry, the world of magic and illusion wouldn’t be the same without you.

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Spirits, Levitation and Sherlock Holmes.

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You wouldn’t know it now but back in the heyday of the 1920’s Winnipeg, theChicago of the North, was a hotbed of spiritual investigation.

Ectoplasam at a Hamilton seance - Note the image of Doyle suspended in the ectoplasm 2 years after his death. (Photo - June 27,1932)

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Harry Houdini: The Mythbuster of His Age


Due to the popularity of Houdini on History Channel it’s appropriate to re-post this oldie but goodie.

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In my last post Spirits, Levitation and Sherlock Holmes I described Sir Arthur Conan Doyle as one of the leading figures of the spiritualism movement.  I also referenced Harry Houdini but only in passing as one of the great entertainers of that era.

Houdini Handcuff King and Prison Breaker

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Nanu Nanu


Sad and shocking, but a wake-up call to the reality of depression.

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The inner kid in all of us learned some truly shitty news this afternoon about Robin Williams.

Despite the sadness, I have to say that watching the reaction on Twitter and Facebook this evening  may be one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen happen on social media. It is clear that Robin Williams brought genuine joy and laughter into all of our lives.

Celebrities pass and we acknowledge this, but I think it was extra difficult today (for me, anyway). I’ll always remember how good he made me feel and how much I enjoyed his movies and silly voices and how fun it was watching Mork and Mindy on Nick at Nite when I was allowed to stay up while on summer vacation.

It’s difficult to learn someone so funny, who brought us all such happy memories, was suffering.

Tonight I was reminded that we are all in this together, and I want…

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NOC Reviews Guardians of the Galaxy: Hooked on a Feeling


As you can clearly see I am not the only one raving about this most excellent film. More than just blogger fodder it delivered crushing numbers at the box office. Check out Nerds of Color’s take on Guardians!

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If you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet, you will. Director James Gunn and his cast — starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, and Bradley Cooper — have found that cross section of great action and effects, genuine mirth, and likability, that makes for a movie that kids will fondly remember into adulthood. What was once widely thought of as a long shot in Phase Two of Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe, Guardians could very well be the new Star Wars to this generation’s adolescent filmgoers. Halloween is going to see a lot of trees and raccoons running through the front yard for years to come. Toys will be flying off the shelves. And Marvel has $94 million reasons to celebrate its box office dominance.

Which is not to say that Guardians is the new sci-fi G.O.A.T., but rarely does a film so effectively appeal to both youth and adults. And…

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Heavy Metal meets Star Wars.

What do you get when you take a handful of gritty science fiction, the mostly unknown misfits of the Marvel Comics universe, and toss in a bucket load of comedic action?  Well, in this case you get Guardians of the Galaxy.  Marvel Comic’s latest and possibly most genre mixing film to date.

guardians_of_the_galaxy_poster 2

The story unfolds as a young terran boy loses his mother to cancer, abducted by aliens and is thrust into a world of interstellar thievery.  Growing to be a competent grifter and all round scoundrel in the vein of Han Solo circumstance throws Peter Quill into an adventure that places the very existence of the galaxy into jeopardy.  A ragtag band of outlaws and killers that form the group of heroes drives the action with a non-stop vibe pulsing with the sounds of a funky 70’s soundtrack.

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