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Going to grab a little sun and warm my little bum in Mexico.

Hola, my friends!  Come here I have a good deal for you!

If we only had a penny for every time we heard that line in Mexico we could afford to stay down there this week and all the weeks after this.  Alas pesos did not rain from the clouds, thus we are back in the cold embrace of Winnipeg.

Did we have a great time? Yes we did.  Did we see ancient wonders?  Yes we did.
Did we plunge face first into the wonders of the Atlantic Caribbean Sea?  Yes we did.  Did we meet the Mayans and partake in the wonder of their ceremonies.

YES,  a thousand times yes.

Pictures and stories from the Yucatán in the days to come my friends.


Goodbye Winnipeg Blizzard, Hello Mexico Sun!!

As many of you know all ready Winnipeg is in the grips of a terrible winter storm.  With winds howling out of the north-west at breakneck speeds and the snow sure to come pounding in tonight by the bucket-load.  The temperature is set to drop from the balmy -2 Celsius we have been enjoying (T-Shirt Weather) to a skin freezes in under a minute -25 to -30 next week.

A typical Manitoba winter drive.  Burrr

A typical Manitoba winter drive. Burrr

Strangely though, and those of you who know me will think this odd, I don’t give a rats ass.  Because by this time tomorrow I should be en-route to the Mayan Riviera, Mexico.  Buried to my knees in sand, surf and senoritas, (Shhh, don’t tell Dar) for a family wedding that they had the good sense to book in the middle of our coldest season here in Winnipeg.

We are planning all types of activities; they include laying on a hot beach, drinking beer on a hot beach, drinking margaritas on a hot beach, drinking tequila on a hot beach and finally passing out on a hot beach.  Hopefully being found by a kind staff member and escorted back to my room with an IV drip to avoid the impending hangover.

Ahh, Good times!!!

Ahh, Good times!!!

But I jest, we actually do have all types of excursions planned exploring the Mayan runes, trying the indigenous cuisine (street food), and exploring the cenotes (caves in the Yucatán).   We also hope to go zip lining and maybe catch a catamaran to the island of Cozumel.

That is if winter lets us out of Winnipeg.  We do indeed have a large storm bearing down on us at the moment but by all accounts it should clear by morning.    Fingers crossed, expect some tales of grand adventure from my very first trip to a sunny destination!

Adiós mis amigos, te veo pronto. Ariba Ariba!