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Composting made so easy that even a blogger can do it!

It should be said right off the top that this style of post is not my normal beat, but when I get a chance to co-write a piece with Nikki from Women are from Mars I just have to jump all over it.  Nikki as most of you may know is a fervent environmental blogger.  Her weekly Tree-Hugger Tuesday posts are not only informative and environmentally conscious but also fun!

Dar and I are also committed to doing our part to reduce our waste stream that is destined for Brady landfill here in Winnipeg.  We are active recyclers and donators to the Leaf It With Us program, where the city takes yard wastes and either composts them on an industrial scale or as in the case of tree waste chips the wood down and makes decorative landscaping products.

So when we found out that the City of Winnipeg was having a massive sale on composters we simply had to get in on it. The unit we purchased normally retails for $100 but through the city sale we were able to get it for only $30 taxes included.  What a deal!

Our new Earth Machine composter

Having a large back yard is one of the many perks and headaches about living in a mid-sized Canadian city.  It’s great to have a place to relax and garden in the summer but with a large yard also comes potential waste.  Grass clippings and leaves that would normally be bagged and disposed of can now be turned into beautiful healthy soil for our garden and Dar’s potted plants.

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Wiener Worries

OK people, I am going to go a bit off message today.  But I’ve been following a thread that has got my goat.

So guys, lets face it we all talk the talk, walk the walk and strut the stuff. But how many of us are really packing? The ladies of late are looking and taking notes.

My friends at Nikki’s have got a very interesting piece going on the length of the male member.

But can we chat a bit for a second.  We can face it guys, when it comes down to brass tacks we all measure up a bit differently.  Some of us are hung and most are not.

The girls claim to love that average range of 4-7 depending on race and build. Suck it up guys we are not all equal.  So why are so many ladies wanting more?

Is it just  a penis thing?  Or is it all up to touch and feel?

Do you have game? Do you work the digits to get the job done?

Dudes the ladies are asking a serious question, does size matter?  Let’s give them a responsible answer.




Thank you Harry Houdini and thank you world!

I am very grateful for the bounty of hits and new readers that you have delivered me.  Yes it was all at once and from all over the globe, but I feel the need to thank just the same.

I have worked here in my little space trying to put out the best that my mind can create.  Some people like it, others do not.  Of course there will be many among you that scoff at my numbers claiming a fraud or miscalculation.  But I assure you that they are unblemished.

Not only did the globe eat up my stories about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini but they also absolutely devoured everything else as well.  People from around the globe have had a taste of every part of Bob’s Place, and from what I can tell enjoyed.

The Far East and Europe.

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