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Hello Winter My Old Friend.

This morning when my eyes fluttered open, laying snoozing under the warm covers and reality began to come into focus for another day I remembered a few things.  First of all today is Remembrance Day in Canada where at 11 am we stop everything, and give thanks for those who gave their lives and futures so that we in the free world could remain free.

A good 8 or 9 inches of snow overnight before drifting!

Also we were to get a huge dump of snow over night, yesterday as we enjoyed our evening there already was a light dusting on the ground.  Enough to paralyze a southern American city but hardly enough to make a Winnipegger blink twice.

Today however is a slightly different story,  although not debilitating to any Canadian versed in winter, but a pain in the ass none the less.  Over night we got a good solid dump of around 9-10 inches of wintry goodness.   Enough to make our trucks in the backyard look like they were tucked in for a good winters nap complete with sleeping caps à la The Night Before Christmas.

Truck and jeep cleaned off but still with a little toque of snow on top.

It’s not like we were not expecting it, but it still sucks to know that you have to put on the Sorrels and shovel everything out before going out.  It makes you want to just stay in bed and cuddle the day away with your special someone.

I guess that’s it for fires this year. Our fire pit is full of snow.

It also makes me very glad that Darlene and I have 4 wheel drive, thus allowing us to brave the higher snowbanks and forgo shoveling out the driveway until we get our snow blower back in action this week.

The path to our composter is clear thanks to Dominick.

I guess the most important thing about being Canadian is loving each one of our four seasons and making the most out of each of them.  As we say in St Boniface C’est si bon! It’s so good!!

Lest We Forget