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May the Fringe be with you.

Well it seems that Summer has hit Winnipeg at long last.  That of course means many things to many people, to me at least though it means two things.  Vacation time has arrived and so has the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

Fringe Billboard at the MTC

This year’s theme happens to be a sci-fi based look into The Fringe and Beyond. Meaning that all the advertising and promotion of  the event has a nostalgia based Lost in Space feel about it as does the festival guide and program.  But true to fringe form the shows are on any and every topic under the sun.

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The 1000th Hit Super Happy Funtime Spectacular!

Wow 1000 hits!!!!

I know it doesn’t seem like many but to me it screams success.  I can remember just a few scant months ago I sat down not knowing a thing about blogging or even if I could attract an audience at all.  I thought to myself am I taking on more than I could chew by starting this.  Would I be able to sustain my goal of posting at least 2-3 times a week??

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