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Back in Action

Hey everyone!

Well looks like after a long bit of wrangling with the insurance company and the contractors that my workspace, our basement is almost back in working order.

I must admit I could really get used to working down here again, gone are the musty odours and sore eyes that would itch relentlessly due to the mildew that was down here after our little flood episode.

My almost complete workspace.

So what do I have in store for the upcoming pages?  Hmmmm I don’t know just yet.  I was fortunate enough while on vacation to visit our city’s legislative building, an impressive piece of Masonic craftsmanship all on it’s own.  But it is also temporary home to the Magna Carta, the document that solidified freedoms in Western Society as we know them today. So you can expect a photo essay on that trip in the near future.

But for tonight I am just happy to be back in our freshly carpeted and painted basement!  YAY!

Take care everyone, see you real soon.