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Reaching for the White Ribbon

The White Ribbon Campaign is a Canadian effort that has spread to over 55 countries world-wide.  The effort is based on the ideal that no woman should ever be hurt by a man. Idealistic yes, but a very achievable goal none the less.

Born from the memory of the École Polytechnique Massacre where on December 6, 1989 Marc Lépine walked into the school armed with a Mini-14 rifle and a grudge against women. He shot at 28  people before killing himself.

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Murder… Bloody Murder.

This post is going to be a short one, but one that needs to be written.

Those of you who read me on a regular basis always hear me going on and on about how Winnipeg is a closely knit city.  How you may not know someone personally but you surely know the people who do.  Well this weekend past was one of those Oh My GOD moments all over again.

I don’t talk about family for a reason on here, what I choose to say to the world is my choice and rarely if ever do they factor into what I write, this week though proves the exception to the rule.  On Saturday my stepson was the victim of a horrible crime.  He was not assaulted or harmed in any physical way but affected none the less.  His manager was a victim of a brutal armed robbery, and was struck with a very large bladed weapon.

The “alleged” axeman was a 15 year old boy, with a history of crime and violence going back many many years.  The punk and his partner walked into a pizza joint just before closing and forced the employees on the ground.  Maybe a a scuffle ensued I really don’t know at this point.  But what I do know is that someone dear to my heart lost someone who he worked for and respected in a most heinous way.

My family was lucky that our loved one was not on shift at the time.  But he very well could have been in the building at that time on any other Saturday night.  What possesses people to swing on the unarmed? What possesses someone to kill for drug money?

I say this as someone who has seen the dark side of addiction, someone who lived pay cheque to pay cheque.  I know all to well the cravings that substance abuse brings, that physical need and that emotional release when you finally find what you need.  But I would never have gone to those lengths.

Like I said, it’s been a hard week.   Any thoughts people?

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