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Doing hard time in a Western Democracy.

Been working in a coal mine, going down down down.  I be working in a coal mine…..

Man I feel tired, just like the man said so many years ago.  When that song was penned.   Life in a democracy is so tiring.

To the south of us Canadians, the United States is swimming in self inflicted debt.  Like a drowning junkie flailing about hoping to grab on to anyone that will give him a fix.

Meanwhile In Canada.  It seems like we are election bound AGAIN. Minority governments are so easily toppled so off we go, to vote in a new leader of the week.

But having said that, I guess Canada is doing pretty well lately so I should not complain.  Overall our jobless rate is down, and our economy is chugging along nicely in spite of the global economic crunch.  Sorry Iceland, your people are always welcome in Gimli though.

So why are we electing a government again?

Very simply because we can.  Not that I want to vote, or anyone here really needs to.  But we can just the same.  We are just that easy.

Steven Harper our current crush

Like a date, ya know the kind.  Sure she was an easy lay, she blew you on the first date and even swallowed.  YAY!  But then you get bored.  Or at least your friends do.  Get rid of her they chant.

The Chief Bitch Du Jour Miss Iggy

So goes the ups and downs of Canada, in a minority parliamentary system the friends can vote out your lay.  She’s a slut, get rid of her.


But then all your friends get to vote you in a new friend. YAAYYY.

I guess???  But thing is the old girl could still get in, so WTF??

You don’t get it?  Neither do I.

Welcome to Canada Bitches.

TARDIS Alert! Dr. Who’s new season is almost here.

I was surfing the net today when I got a very geeky surprise.  The new season of our favourite doctor will be upon us before we know it.   The new adventures of the rogue Timelord from Gallifrey begin in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States on April 23.  Perhaps to stop rampant piracy the show is being broadcast on the same schedule worldwide.

Doctor Who series promotion (Image - Space Channel)

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Thank you Harry Houdini and thank you world!

I am very grateful for the bounty of hits and new readers that you have delivered me.  Yes it was all at once and from all over the globe, but I feel the need to thank just the same.

I have worked here in my little space trying to put out the best that my mind can create.  Some people like it, others do not.  Of course there will be many among you that scoff at my numbers claiming a fraud or miscalculation.  But I assure you that they are unblemished.

Not only did the globe eat up my stories about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini but they also absolutely devoured everything else as well.  People from around the globe have had a taste of every part of Bob’s Place, and from what I can tell enjoyed.

The Far East and Europe.

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Living the Sheen Dream in Winnipeg.

Well friends it looks like Winnipeg has done it again.  First it was a trickle with Kitty Midnight Madness .  Then the trickle became a river with Maria Aragon and her YouTube sensation flooding the world and making Lady Gaga cry.

This however is total internet anarchy at its finest.  Local copywriter Jarrett Moffatt is living the Sheen dream in style.  His parody website displays a large talking head in the likeness of Charles himself.  Clicking on Sheen’s mellon produces one of the hundreds of ghastly quotes he has given in interviews during his recent troubles with the producers of Two and a Half Men.

Charlie Sheen as seen on Live the Sheen Dream.

Live the Sheen Dream has accumulated over 16 million hits in just a few days of operation,  243 000 “Likes” on Facebook and almost 12 000 distinct tweets on Twitter.

All of this from a humble Winnipegger who wanted to sell a couple of T-Shirts.  Not bad Jarrett, not bad at all.

Story Update: I have just learned that the Live the Sheen Dream website has been having technical difficulties due to the incredible amount of traffic it is receiving.  The servers are unable to handle the traffic, but techs are working on a solution as I type this.

Want a taste of winter? Come to Winnipeg.

Just when I thought this world couldn’t get any stranger.  In a bizarre case of the grass must be greener over there, Winnipeg is welcoming visitors from Australia and southern United States who want to experience cold.

Val Keenan and Jean Hyrich will welcome visitors to Winnipeg. (Photo - Matt Preprost: Winnipeg Free Press)

Yes, that’s right cold.  Bone chilling lock yourself in the bedroom and crank up the furnace and hide cold.   The six-day winter exchange is all part of worldwide cultural exchange movement called Friendship Force.  Founded in 1977 by US President Jimmy Carter, Friendship Force joins people around the world in an opportunity to explore different cultures and experience the world in a way travellers seldom get to experience.  By billeting, the travellers get the opportunity to stay in a home hosted by a native of the area.  Thus getting an authentic taste of daily life that staying in a hotel just cannot deliver.

Australian Pam Ferguson with host Jean Hyrich. (Photo - Phil Hossack: Winnipeg Free Press)

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