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Ice Castles and Flashing Blades

In the lull between Christmas and New Years Day many in the city either have the week off outright or work reduced hours.  It seems to suit the character of Winnipeg, families get a chance to spend time together and enjoy a little break before things start back up in earnest.

I took a little drive one afternoon to check out one of my favourite haunts, The Forks Market.  It was alive with activity skaters as flew by everywhere on the icy paths that are converted for the season. The chilly temperature of -18c seemed warm in the afternoon sun.  People walked and skated laughing just enjoying the day.  Children held mom and dad’s hand or ran with friends everywhere.  The centre of activity for the little ones is an ice castle, complete with 4 entrances and an ice slide in the middle.

Ice skating under the canopy at The Forks.

The big tent, I helped build and install this canopy in the early 90's.

The Ice Castle.

Even adults can't resist playing with the kids in the castle

A nice day out for families in the sun.

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Winnipeg Street Eats: Mrs. Mikes

Finally, with the change in seasons and everything starting to come to life again after another cold winter it is time to delve into a favourite topic of mine.  Food, street food to be particular.

Once upon a time I worked driving delivery and doing light construction work on people’s homes.  Stuck in a smelly work van for hours at a time, never near the office for a break.  So I relied on street food to get me though those rough and tumble days.   Most of the time I worked alone or with a junior partner so going a little out-of-the-way for a good meal was acceptable and often essential for our moral.

In the upcoming summer months I intend to share the best of Winnipeg’s street offerings with you.  Mrs. Mikes has been a Winnipeg institution for some forty years.  Established in 1969 at 286 Tache Ave. in Winnipeg’s French Quarter of St. Boniface.  It sits easily within walking distance of the Forks Market, and just a short bus ride away from the busy downtown centre.

Mrs Mikes

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Winter in Winnipeg: Part 2

I guess that this past weekend has given a great deal of my readers a blanket of snow to deal with.  Here in Winnipeg we had a little snowstorm, only about 20 centimetres.  Nothing compared to what happened on the East Coast of North America. From what I understand some parts got upwards of 70 centimetres of the white stuff.

For the record,  amounts like that would even paralyse Winnipeg for a day or so.  Well… ahem.. without further adieu.  More snow!!!

Leaving The Forks Market I just had to take a picture of the tower, the Canadian flag flying proudly in the winter wind.

Canadian Flag Flying at The Forks

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Winter In Winnipeg: A Photographic Entry.

With the Winter Olympics just under a week away in Vancouver I thought it fitting to hit the road today and take a little drive through town.  Camera in hand, happily snapping pictures detailing a typical winter’s weekend day here in Winnipeg.

Festival Du Voyageur is also only a week or so away and the town is in high gear prepping for our French Canadian Winter Festival.  This means one thing, above all. Snow sculptures!

Manitoba Hydro: Dinosaurs in a Canoe

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