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Shake my Bun Bun, feed my Bun Bun.

Well there are three things on my mind at this moment, well four if you can count how much I miss Charlie Sheen.  I am downstairs typing now because I am hiding from the travesty that is Two and a Half Men.

Yes, I know Charlie was a piss-tank of incredible stature and hardly reliable.
But that’s what made the show watchable, watching Two and a Half Men was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. To anyone who has woken up hugging the bowl or next to someone who you don’t recognize the show was like looking in the mirror week after week.

Charlie: the man, the myth, the unemployable.

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Hi, My Name is Bob and I am a Geek.

They say sometimes that the biggest part to getting help is admitting you have a problem.  It’s the cornerstone of twelve step programs everywhere.  The idea being that you can’t begin the process of recovery until you admit that you are a seriously broken and flawed human being.

Well here I am world I admit it I am a geek.  The problem is though I don’t want help.  I love taking the time to wallow in utter geekdom, being a partner to one who is seriously NOT a geek leaves me little time to indulge my inner fan boy.

Liana K and Ed the Sock.

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