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Winnipeg Street Eats: A Bourdain Friendly Dog Hits Winnipeg.

Well another weekend is upon us here in Winnipeg.  This particular afternoon found myself and my significant other in search of something new and exciting.  Well we found that today in spades.

Dingo's Store Front

Winnipeg hospitality group WOW! has opened a new style hot dog  joint in Winnipeg’s Little Italy.  Dingo’s Wild and Crazy Dogs marks a departure for the group from fine upscale dining to upscale street food.  The concept diner features a dozen specialty quarter pound hot dogs on the menu, any of which could have lept directly from Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations and onto my tray.

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Winnipeg Street Eats: Mrs. Mikes

Finally, with the change in seasons and everything starting to come to life again after another cold winter it is time to delve into a favourite topic of mine.  Food, street food to be particular.

Once upon a time I worked driving delivery and doing light construction work on people’s homes.  Stuck in a smelly work van for hours at a time, never near the office for a break.  So I relied on street food to get me though those rough and tumble days.   Most of the time I worked alone or with a junior partner so going a little out-of-the-way for a good meal was acceptable and often essential for our moral.

In the upcoming summer months I intend to share the best of Winnipeg’s street offerings with you.  Mrs. Mikes has been a Winnipeg institution for some forty years.  Established in 1969 at 286 Tache Ave. in Winnipeg’s French Quarter of St. Boniface.  It sits easily within walking distance of the Forks Market, and just a short bus ride away from the busy downtown centre.

Mrs Mikes

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