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Chez Sophie Bistro and Pizzeria: C’est si bon!

After a long work week Dar and I normally congregate back at the house Friday afternoon and have a quick pow-wow about our supper plans for the evening.  Normally we are just relieved to be at the week’s end and just want to crash for the evening before tackling the shopping and rest of the household chores on Saturday.

Ordering out is a must, sometimes we opt for ribs or chicken but a great deal of the time our thoughts turn to that yummy wheel of crispy dough slathered in sauce, meat and ohh so sticky cheese.  Of course I’m talking pizza, and one of our all time favorite pizza joints is just a five-minute drive from our home in the French enclave of St. Boniface.

Chez Sophie is a thriving bistro in the heart of the district sandwiched between a French university campus, residential housing, and the spiritual center of the district the St Boniface Cathedral.  Chez Sophie is a bistro first serving a classic spread of impeccably prepared French classics such as  Steak sauce au poivre (Steak in Peppercorn sauce), Boeuf Bourguignon (Casserole of beef), and Moule et frites (Mussels and fries).

The tiny bistro at 248 avenue de la Cathédrale

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