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Fireballs over St. Boniface: The next day.


For me to say that the last day of my life has been uneventful would be an extreme understatement.  Last night’s fire and subsequent explosions less than a block from our house has left our nerves just a tad on edge.

As it turns out my post last night was a very foolhardy thing to do, little did I know that thousands of liters of racing fuel were going to explode into a spectacular fireball that rose an estimated half mile into the evening sky.

Explosion over St Boniface, little more than a block from our house.
(Photo: CJOB News)

Our whole subdivision was evacuated as a precaution.  We had only scant minutes to throw a few things into a bag and hit the road.  Darlene, Dom, and I piled into our vehicles and headed for safety.

The remains of Speedway International’s fuel depot.
(Photo Winnipeg Free Press/Ken Gigliotti)

Dar and I chose to spend the night in a hotel away from the fire scene, and had a restless sleep at best.  At first light the news came on the television and we assessed the damage.  Thankfully our neighborhood had not burned to the ground, and our belonging were safe.  Most importantly though the three of us remained unharmed if a little weary from the night’s activity.

I would like to thank those of you who have sent well wishes and prayers our way, it is appreciated.