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A Night Off.

I am sitting here after eating a great meal, that I prepared and ate all alone.  It’s one of those weird nights since Darlene and I got together that is nice, but lonely all at the same time.

It turns out that she’s out at her mother’s place tonight, partly due to weather and family obligations and I am glad she’s there.  Not for the reasons one would expect, that we don’t get along or we had a fight.  It’s not that at all.

Sometimes we all just need a night off.  Right now I am (half assed expecting) the Winnipeg Police to be knocking on the door because I have AC/DC cranked to 11.  Not really, my ears are too old for that crap but you understand what I am talking about I hope.


Don’t get me wrong I love Darlene with every fiber of my body, but sometimes it’s just good to get some ME time.  I was a confirmed bachelor for many years before I met Dar, and everyone likes certain things.  My particular thing when, she’s out for the evening is putting in a great concert DVD and maxing out the speakers.  Is that a bad thing??? I hardly think so.

I tend to lead a pretty boring life at the best of times, I like my news at 6 and a few shows.  So unwinding with some ear-splitting rock and roll to my mind seems like a good thing.  Fist pumping in the privacy of ones home seems to be almost an unalienable human right.

So why do I feel guilty?  Maybe because I wanted a night off?  That she would be snowed in due to icy roads?  Does that make me a bad person to want a night alone, do my chores and cook a nice meal?  Crank some tunes and hog the bed?

Maybe I just miss her too much, or maybe I am just too Canadian?  I don’t know.

In any case I have a shout out to send.  Happy Birthday Mom.  It was 3 years today that I started this adventure in blogging.  I wished you a Happy Birthday then and I will do it again.  We love you and wish you the best in all things.

Bobby and Darlene

Fireballs over St. Boniface: The next day.


For me to say that the last day of my life has been uneventful would be an extreme understatement.  Last night’s fire and subsequent explosions less than a block from our house has left our nerves just a tad on edge.

As it turns out my post last night was a very foolhardy thing to do, little did I know that thousands of liters of racing fuel were going to explode into a spectacular fireball that rose an estimated half mile into the evening sky.

Explosion over St Boniface, little more than a block from our house.
(Photo: CJOB News)

Our whole subdivision was evacuated as a precaution.  We had only scant minutes to throw a few things into a bag and hit the road.  Darlene, Dom, and I piled into our vehicles and headed for safety.

The remains of Speedway International’s fuel depot.
(Photo Winnipeg Free Press/Ken Gigliotti)

Dar and I chose to spend the night in a hotel away from the fire scene, and had a restless sleep at best.  At first light the news came on the television and we assessed the damage.  Thankfully our neighborhood had not burned to the ground, and our belonging were safe.  Most importantly though the three of us remained unharmed if a little weary from the night’s activity.

I would like to thank those of you who have sent well wishes and prayers our way, it is appreciated.


FIRE, in St. Boniface


There is a huge fire raging just outside my door tonight.Just over a block away a building is exploding and sending huge plumes of black smoke up and beyond.

I felt a fireball, with the heat and the pressure rise up and try to burn my eyebrows off.   I was standing at least a block away.   It was the freakiest thing.
A mushroom cloud of gasoline or other propellents went off as Dar and I stood on the street in front of our house.

The whole crowd backed off,  as  huge fireball ignited the fumes and  smoke climbing into the evening sky.

I stood firm,  judging the distance and awaited the heat.   We were bathed in a good blast of sub atomic heat.  But the effect was none the less, quite effective.

Our home seems to be safe at this time as fire professionals have arrived on scene.

We are safe and hopefully sound for the night, should more happen I will let you know at first chance.



Happy 145th Birthday Canada: a photoblog from the Forks Market

In case any of you were wondering how I was spending my incredibly gorgeous long weekend, wonder no longer.  Today Dar and I decided to take a short hop down to the Forks Market and take in a few of the festivities marking the 145th birthday of Canada.  Locally known as Canada Day, it’s a great excuse to have a bbq or crack a couple of cold ones and enjoy the 30 degree heat.

You’ll hardly ever hear a Winnipeger complain about the heat though, after a good solid 6 months of darkness and winter cold it takes a good few weeks of 30 Celsius weather to thaw out our Canadian bones and get us primed for summer.

As you would expect on a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon, the Forks Market was packed, the food vendors were out in full force and the beverages were indeed flowing.

Esplanade Louis Riel

The Esplanade Louis Riel (Louis Riel Bridge) is one of the newer architectural centerpieces of Downtown/St Boniface area.  It’s dramatic cable stay pedestrian bridge complete with restaurant and spire draw many tourist and photographers alike to the core of the city.

Located at the East end of Esplanade Louis Riel, La Crêperie Du Pont is a great choice for a deliciously thin crepe for breakfast or a pick me up snack.

Esplanade Louis Riel from St Boniface.

Enjoying a lovely crêpe for breakfast.

City skyline and Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

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Steampunks, Pirates and Knights….Oh My!

Just by chance today I happened on a most enchanting little festival happening almost outside our door.  Coronation Park in the Norwood Grove area of St. Boniface was playing host to a gathering of creative thinkers and free spirits.

As you all should know by now that I am a proud card-carrying geek of some renown and am always ready to explore what ever festival or convention comes my way.   Today’s gathering had three main themes bringing many different classes of geeks, costume players and costumers together.  Steampunk, Pirates and good ol’ fashioned fantasy enthusiasts.

Everyone seemed to be having a great time mingling in the steamy afternoon heat in between the hourly thunder storms that have been passing though the area today.  Mosquitoes and rain can’t keep a good geek down for long and as soon as a shower had passed everyone seemed eager to mingle about again.

Normally as a blogger I try to stay a fly on the wall, just observing and not really becoming part of the action.  But today was one of those rare opportunities where I got to mingle and talk with people about their motivations and great costumes.

Here in pictures is a bit of what I saw this afternoon.

Entering Coronation Park in St. Boniface. Everyone seems to be coming back out after the clouds have passed.

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