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Growing Romance – A meal from garden to the plate.


As many of you know I, when possible, try to use the freshest and environmentally sustainable produce when cooking.  Last night was a perfect example of eating literally from out my back door.  This year Dar and I have been blessed with an embarrassing abundance of tomatoes and fresh herbs from our garden.

Our tomatoes are taking over the garden. Even the cages cannot contain them!

My quaint little herb patch.

Feeling in a pasta kind of mood I decided to make a super easy but incredibly tasty tomato basil spaghetti sauce that I adapted from a Michael Ruhlman recipe that I learned a few years ago.  Taking a small mountain of cherry tomatoes that had ripened nicely and a few Roma tomatoes I quickly blended them together with a handful of basil, oregano and parsley just picked from the garden, adding a liberal amount of olive oil to emulsify the sauce.

Combine basil, oregano and garlic and blend with olive oil and add it to your tomato base. It really is just that easy!

Then into a pot and on the stove for a gentle heating as not to damage the delicate flavor of the fresh herbs.  Easy peasy!  Pasta in a pot, cooked to a delicious al dente, combine the sauce and pasta in a pan with just a touch of the starchy water and a hit of butter to mellow the flavors then on plate and your off to yummy town!

Ah L’amour

Follow with a nice bottle of wine, some candles, and music with your special someone and there will be more than just pasta on the menu that night!!

Bon Appétit!