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It’s Only Rock and Roll… And They Don’t Like It.

It’s a dark day for music lovers in Canada.  This week the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council announced that a hit from the mid 1980’s has been deemed unfit for broadcast on Canadian radio stations.

Money For Nothing

The classic rock song in question is Money For Nothing, by British rockers Dire Straits.   The ruling states that due to a complaint from a listener of CHOZ-FM in St. Johns, Newfoundland an investigation was launched based on his outrage of hearing the word faggot three times in the twenty-five year old song.

The word faggot has apparently become a lightning rod as the council states in the official ruling that even if the word was at one time acceptable it has evolved and become unacceptable in most circumstances in today’s society.

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Exposing Winnipeg’s Dark Secret: The Spring Seal Massacre

I have been torn now that spring has arrived here in Winnipeg about something that I feel has been swept under the carpet for far to long.  As my co-workers and close friends will tell you I have spent many hours debating the merits of exposing what I consider to be Winnipeg’s dirty little secret.  Thus I feel I must expose my adopted home town in the tradition of such groundbreaking Canadian news programs as 22 Minutes, and it’s one time host Rick Mercer.

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