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Wake up, Time to die.

Yes, on my knees, yes.  I am a sci-fi nerd.  I love my Battlestar Galactica, I love my Dr. Who.   I worship at the feet of that long sorry climb that Phillip K Dick started so long ago.  So many of his stories, turned into sub par movies.  The money-making ventures of some Hollywood hack.

But once long ago it seems, one rare director had the balls to direct a real through the ages masterpiece.

Yes, I am speaking of Blade Runner, a film that in the golden age of Atari. set the ground rules for not only science fiction films but also pre-destined the age of mass billboard flash advertising.

Dick in his writings imagines his hero climbing up that eternal hill, time and the weight of life always pressing down on him.  His back and forth between the real and not so real.  You the reader are always in a dreamscape.  Is the hero real, should he make it to the top.

Is he really a part of the landscape or is he just imagination?

These themes trickle down into Blade Runner, are we a consumer culture? Will we dream of the things we have destroyed.  As the gulf of Mexico fills with dread, do we dance in the good years, do we dream of electric sheep?