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Countdown to Super Bowl XLV

As game weekend approaches hype surrounding Super Bowl 45 continues to build.  Wagers are being placed on everything from the outcome of the big game to how fast the first points are scored and by whom.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium Home of Super Bowl XLV

Let there be no mistake big dollars are in play here and everyone wants a piece of the action.  Take for example Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones who has gambled and apparently won big with his massive new stadium in Arlington, Texas.  Costing over a billion dollars to build the space houses much more than just a football team.  It also is residence to a massive art installation featuring the latest in contemporary modern artistic vision.   With a capacity of over 100,000 the eager football fans are going to be blown away by size and functionality of this brand new structure.

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Super Bowl Madness

I just finished watching a full slate of NFL games today.  I don’t normally watch the American game but in an attempt to stay current with the manliest of conversations that will no doubt infest work tomorrow, I watched both final games.

Super Bowl XLV

In the afternoons first clash the Green Bay Packers battled the Chicago Bears.  This was a hard game for me to pick a team to root for.  I used to pull for Da Bears in my youth, but since I am surrounded by Cheeseheads at work I took the cowards way out and was rewarded with a Green Bay victory.   The game was full of turnovers and a lifeless 3rd quarter almost put me to sleep.  Da Bears fought back in the 4th but just didn’t have it in them to put Cheesehead Nation out of the running.

Green Bay Packers

In the second tilt, the NY Jets travelled to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers.  To be totally honest I only caught bits and pieces of this game.  I was enthralled with playing the Raving Rabbids on Wii.  Thankfully my video game crashed on me with enough time to see the final minutes and Pittsburgh take the game by 5 points advancing to the Superbowl.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Being a fan of the Canadian game I really don’t get all of the nuances of the U.S. game.  However since it is cold as all frozen hell outside and I was planning on having a lazy day anyway, it seemed the perfect fit.

Now I can successfully bullshit with the best of them tomorrow.  Secure in my knowledge of scores and enough of the big plays to make it seem like I actually know what I am talking about.

Wish me luck!