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Fresh, fast and flavourful: Saigon Jon’s Vietnamese Kitchen.

Last night Dar and I found ourselves out and about on a Friday evening after work.  Going for a visit to our chiropractor we ended up in the south end of the city very close to the University of Manitoba.  Being hungry and definitely not in the mood to cook we decided to check out a new Vietnamese place that we had spotted a couple of weeks earlier on Pembina Hwy.

Saigon Jon’s 2696 Pembina Hwy

Saigon Jon’s Vietnamese Kitchen is billed as a fast casual Vietnamese fusion.  Meaning that the service is somewhere in between fast food and casual sit down dining.  Upon entering we were immediately greeted by a server who inquired if we were new to Saigon Jon’s.  Nodding yes she proceeded to give us the lowdown on the menu and service.

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