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What the #@(& is that: Winnipeg’s got balls edition.

Hi everybody it’s time for everybody’s favorite head snapper What the #@(& is that!  Today’s labour day edition takes a spin down Portage avenue and though the downtown core.

Our first installment comes courtesy of the fine folks at Air Canada, Canada’s largest and most maligned airline service. This huge objet d’art is tucked away in a corner of the courtyard that most people just wizz by in traffic and I only just discovered it yesterday.

The Pigeon King

King Pigeon at the Air Canada building downtown Winnipeg.

Holding court or just waiting to crap on someone?

I just find it hilarious that Air Canada an airline renowned for its high rates and poor customer service would have a rat with wings at its Winnipeg head office.  Kinda makes you wonder what other decisions are going on in the boardrooms.

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What the #@*& is that??

Have you ever been driving around your home town and had your head snap back while looking at something out the window?   Perhaps something that you had driven by a hundred times over the course of a lifetime.  Something that made you exclaim “Hey what the #@*& is that?”.

Well dear readers todays entry is all about those little wonders that really make us, well for a lack of a better term, wonder.  Winnipeg is my home town, it is also the capital of the Province of Manitoba. As such it’s littered with such little gems.  I have taken the liberty of going out and selecting a few for your guessing enjoyment.

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