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Winter? What’s that?

Ok, people I am officially freaked out. Here we are in Winnipeg in middle of winter and the snow is melting.  Nikki I have been a big fan of the whole global warming thing but come on this is unreal.

For the record the normal temperature in Winnipeg, Manitoba for this time of year is somewhere around -15 C.  Not too bad for us hardened Canucks but generally this time of year dips to -30 are more than normal.

The temperature in Winnipeg today +7C.  Freaking unheard of, folks are golfing just south of us in North Dakota.  In January people!!!

If it keeps up like this Santa and his band of Elves are going to be melted out of a job.  Not to mention the Polar Bears who are being starved out of existence by the shrinking sea ice.

Yes I’m all for a nice mild winter in Winnipeg where by now we are normally up to our ball sacks in snow and frozen solid like those little Russian stacking dolls but this is freaking me out.

Ok. Santa if you’re listening give us a bit of snow, and turn down the heat a touch.

Thanks much