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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Night Two

Visibly worn down and physically exhausted from everything we had experienced so far in New York, Dar and I treated ourselves to a short nap before heading out to the second night of incredible music.

The walk to Madison Square Garden seemed shorter this time our tired feet almost seemed to know the way.  Perhaps tonight’s performance would be shorter than the marathon 6 hours of music we had rocked to the night before.

The event started out in familiar fashion, Tom Hanks addressing the crowd bringing out the still incredible Jerry Lee Lewis to open the show once again.  The elderly rascal belted out Great Balls of Fire in classic form.  Even going so far as to kick over his piano bench in a display of youthful enthusiasm.

Next up a red clad Aretha Franklin, took the stage with polished precision.
She rolled though a series of show tunes and a tribute to Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun, before bringing out her first guest of the evening.  Annie Lennox, bravely showing her support for Aids research wearing a black Tee emblazoned with the slogan “HIV Positive”.

Annie Lennox joins Aretha Franklin

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New York, New York…Central Park and The Met.

OK, where was I, ah yes…. the morning of Day 2.

First of all let me put it to everyone who has never had the chance to visit New York City, that to see any meaningful part of it in the four days is absolutely futile.  All that achieves is the overwhelming desire to go back and do it all over again.  I also had given myself a task, to do my level best to eat my way across this city.

The previous night at Les Halles, engaged in conversation with a couple of delightful women Dar and I were given the basics of New York travel and the hot spots of the non tourist food scene.

Armed with that information and my stubborn insistence that we not eat breakfast at the hotel.  We hit the streets with empty stomachs and open minds.  Luckily for us a corner shop on the corner of 29th st and 6th Ave provided exactly what I was looking for.  Inside the busy shop, people of all stripes crowded around the counter.  The place had an energy to it, rushed but organized. My first taste of a proper NY Bagel with Lox served as breakfast as we headed up the street bound for the subway.

In planning our trip to NYC, people had tried to steer us away from using the subway, saying that they smelled of pee and homeless people.  But being reassured that subways were the cheapest, easiest way to get around the city we charged on regardless.  Finding the a station was the easy part, was it the right station to get up to central park… we had no idea.

28th Street Station

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