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Wishing all of you a Bloggy New Year

Well, here it is December 30th only one more day in the old year to come before a new one is born screaming and kicking.  What have I learned?

Baby New Year... Who wants a kiss??

Well for starters, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  In a few random tests I found out that I do indeed have a couple of lurkers hanging about in the weeds.  One of them pokes her catty head up from time to time but she’s no bother.  I have my own voice now and my own followers so BULLY for me!! YAY

I also have learned that I am not the only fish in this pond, I indeed have migrated out into the big ol’ sea that is the Internet and have found many a friend.  I can count many, but some that I will name by heart are Ivy, Singlegirlie Nurse Myra, Wandering Menace, Redawna,Nikki, and Tamethatman.  How I ever got such a following of women I have no idea.  But the fact remains, I rock women and the Norwegian!  Go Figure!!

Of the two I figure that the Norwegians are the easier of the two to figure out and I still have no idea why they like me so much.  Women I guess are attracted to my easy going nature and my love of animals.  HMMM did I actually say I loved animals??  Well Sheep do know my name after all. Bahhhb is so easy to say.

Kidding Kidding I kid cause I love.  I love you all my friends! Unlikely saints and sinners, whores and fiends.  What you lack in moral fortitude you make up for with plain fun.   I live vicariously through you one and all.  Through bad break ups, or moving up north. I follow each and every word.

Anyways, I just wanted to give a big ol hug to everyone that has supported me this year, I was down and out until a few of you found me lying on the proverbial mat and picked me up and dusted me off.  Seems like a major theme in my life this year.

Flat Out...

I have found love, we farted about… well I farted about. (Read kicked and screamed and lived on couches till I came around)  Till she finally got me.  Pinned me down and made me realize that I could actually be a better person with her.  Hmmm love is strange that way.

Ahh Love

So all of you who follow me, hate me, and love me.  To everyone I wish you all with equal measure a very happy new year.  May your cups run over with kindness and your hearts be full also.

Happy 2011 one and all!


Happy New Year!

New Years Eve in Winnipeg

What to do, what to do.  Here it is just before 9 am on Dec 31 and I still don’t have a plan on what to do tonight.  Well maybe going through a quick list of what Winnipeg has to offer can help me make up my mind.

Starting at the centre of it all, Winnipeg’s historic Forks Market, is doing a family friendly First Night Celebration.  It’s a day long event, complete with ice skating on the winding trails that crisscross through the site. The frozen Assiniboine River forms the worlds largest outdoor skating trail.  Sorry Ottawa, but once again Winnipeg’s rink reigns supreme, check out the Video.  It promises to be a chilly day hovering in the minus 20’s Celsius so hot chocolate and coffee would warm up the body while waiting for the fireworks tonight.

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