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I Really Hope Those are Not the Drums of War.

OK I know it has been a while since I have written anything. My name is Bob and feel free to grab a cookie and a chair.  The cookies are metaphorical but the chairs are yours so real I hope.

Disclosure, I am Canadian.  Frost born, winter is always coming. I finally have a keyboard I can write on with my cobbled together system .  As I was told, don’t ask. Just write you crazy bastard write.

Something has my hair in a knot this week; well a few things. The 787 Max crashes. I work for a large commercial aircraft manufacture and I never expect or want to hear about an airplane going down.  To all those concerned as a person in the industry but not involved in the production of that particular airplane. I can say for a fact that people are working as hard as possible to correct what ever issue it is that troubles that specific version of the 737.

But what really bothers me tonight is this whole supposed explosion of violence against perceived invaders. Against apparently sovereign exclusive white countries.


There is one HUMAN RACE, like it or not. So FUCKING STOP saying race war.  I dare anyone alive to take a DNA test, which was not invented by the Jews.  And claim you as you claim have Mongrel, Nigger (as you say) or Middle East ancestry.

This is a war of Culture, Color, and belief.  You hate groups are like two little boys in the bath naked as fuck fighting over a submarine. What did your mama do when she saw to kids fighting over nothing?

I am not here to poke and prod but to remind us all of when we were children and could all get along.

But I guess those times have passed these days.

I love you all.


Even if Trump is impeached tomorrow Russia, China and North Korea have already won.

As Americans celebrate the peaceful transition of Presidential power on Capitol Hill I’m sure Putin is halfway through a bottle of vodka rubbing his hands together with glee.  

America is a country in utter turmoil, effectively ripping itself apart.  From this point on and into the foreseeable future all the enimies of western democracy just have to sit back and watch and wait.  Yes the’re peaceful sit ins and marches planned for the next week and I have no doubt that they will number in the millions.

However as dignitaries arrived at the event gangs of black clad jack booted thugs ran through the streets.  Many carrying solid red flags, smashing windows and trashing anything they could get their hands on.  I personally witnessed a live shot of a thug tossing a trash can and giving a quick Nazi salute before running off in an attempt to evade police and pepper spray.  Just a little too close to Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass) for my liking. I couldn’t tell if I was watching the live news feed or the Pink Floyd video Run Like Hell

It appears that battle lines are being drawn in America and I sincerely hope that scenes like what the world witnessed today are the exception and not the new normal.  I also wish the incoming American President the best of luck with healing a fractured nation even if I, a Canadian, do not agree with his policy.  As much as it pains me to say it, the world needs a strong America.

Do not play into the hands of our foes, be strong and united America. Bring yourselves together regardless of your political views. The world, friend and foe, is watching you.