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What the #@(! is that: Springtime edition.

Twisted Riel

Well spring has sprung here in Winnipeg, Manitoba and that means a few things.  Road work, mosquitoes and public art travesties.   I have come upon a few new ones and a golden oldie that I had been searching for quite a while.

First up is a rather quaint installation only minutes from my home in St Boniface.

Exhibit One:

A piece dedicated to Gabrielle Roy, a St. Boniface teacher and writer.  Gaining acclaim for her novels The Tin Flute and  Alexandre Chenevert for being a motivating factor for Quebec’s Quiet Revolution .

Gabrielle Roy Plaque

This piece speaks for itself in its simplicity and musical nature.

Roy 1

Roy 2

Of all today’s pieces I find this one strangely haunting, almost lyrical.

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Countdown to Festival du Voyageur 2012

Festival time is almost upon us again my friends and I know how much all of you like my photos of all the festivities that run and all the snow sculptures that are carved lovingly during it’s annual February run.

So once again here’s a sneak peek at some of the work going on around town to get St. Boniface in a Hé Ho frame of mind.  Some of these pictures are continuations of works that had begun last week in my  “A day in the life” photo journal and from “60 years on a hard throne“.


The Royal Canadian Mint

Here at the mint work has been completed on the Winnipeg Jets Logo Coin.
Here’s the flip side of the coin. A bison standing in relief.  Sadly facing due south so a great deal of the definition has been removed by our unseasonable temperatures.
Some goofball standing in my shot.

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Elizabeth the Second: 60 Years on a hard throne.

I just wanted to take a minute and give some credit where credit is due.  Yes I am talking about my Queen, Elizabeth II.  It’s hard enough to hold a job these days in this world with everything collapsing around us but just imagine being born into a family that had incredible responsibility and title and being chosen by God All Mighty for the task.  Those are some pretty big shoes to fill my friends.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not a monarchist in name or rank, but I do believe in tradition and the roll it plays in society.  Our Queen has lived through some hard times believe you me, not counting the weddings and divorces she has carried the commonwealth through at least 3 depressions in the global economy and through countless wars and conflicts.

This week marks her 60th year on the throne as our Queen and Manitoba has seen it fit to celebrate her reign in grand fashion.

I hope you enjoy these simple but stunning pictures from the Manitoba Legislature.

The full moon rising over a purple Legisliature and the Queen's Standard.

A close up of the sculpture I saw being built in my last post.

God Save the Queen, may she live for many more.

That’s about as Canadian as I get.


Post 200 – Winnipeg: A pictorial day in the life

Wow I can’t believe this is my 200th post here on WordPress. It honestly seems like yesterday when Dar and I jetted off to New York City and through the encouragement of some people on another blog I started my own journey through life on the blogosphere.

It’s hardly been a smooth journey, I’ve lost my father, been kicked out and accepted back home.  We’ve been to countless restaurants and concerts, not to mention Blue Bomber football games and the awesome return of the Winnipeg Jets.

I’ve been kicking around a lot of ideas for today’s post.  I thought about doing many grand things, like telling you about the Winnipeg origins of the worlds most famous spy.  Or perhaps taking you on that grand tour of the Manitoba Legislature that I have been promising since almost the first sentence of my blog in late November of 2009.

Then I got to thinking about what this blog is all about, Winnipeg,  sure I write it and Dar and I get bit parts in my posts but honestly the city and it’s people are the stars.

So that’s what I’m going to focus on today, number 200 will take you on a tour of Winnipeg with pictures on a frosty winters day in February.

I hope you enjoy.

Winnipeg Mint

The sun is just climbing into the early morning sky as we begin our journey at the Winnipeg Mint. Here’s a snow sculpture of the Winnipeg Jets logo.
Three days of above seasonal temperatures and fog has covered everything in a beautiful layer of hoar frost.

Even the flags are silent in the cold winter’s morning

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Winter? What’s that?

Ok, people I am officially freaked out. Here we are in Winnipeg in middle of winter and the snow is melting.  Nikki I have been a big fan of the whole global warming thing but come on this is unreal.

For the record the normal temperature in Winnipeg, Manitoba for this time of year is somewhere around -15 C.  Not too bad for us hardened Canucks but generally this time of year dips to -30 are more than normal.

The temperature in Winnipeg today +7C.  Freaking unheard of, folks are golfing just south of us in North Dakota.  In January people!!!

If it keeps up like this Santa and his band of Elves are going to be melted out of a job.  Not to mention the Polar Bears who are being starved out of existence by the shrinking sea ice.

Yes I’m all for a nice mild winter in Winnipeg where by now we are normally up to our ball sacks in snow and frozen solid like those little Russian stacking dolls but this is freaking me out.

Ok. Santa if you’re listening give us a bit of snow, and turn down the heat a touch.

Thanks much