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Post 200 – Winnipeg: A pictorial day in the life

Wow I can’t believe this is my 200th post here on WordPress. It honestly seems like yesterday when Dar and I jetted off to New York City and through the encouragement of some people on another blog I started my own journey through life on the blogosphere.

It’s hardly been a smooth journey, I’ve lost my father, been kicked out and accepted back home.  We’ve been to countless restaurants and concerts, not to mention Blue Bomber football games and the awesome return of the Winnipeg Jets.

I’ve been kicking around a lot of ideas for today’s post.  I thought about doing many grand things, like telling you about the Winnipeg origins of the worlds most famous spy.  Or perhaps taking you on that grand tour of the Manitoba Legislature that I have been promising since almost the first sentence of my blog in late November of 2009.

Then I got to thinking about what this blog is all about, Winnipeg,  sure I write it and Dar and I get bit parts in my posts but honestly the city and it’s people are the stars.

So that’s what I’m going to focus on today, number 200 will take you on a tour of Winnipeg with pictures on a frosty winters day in February.

I hope you enjoy.

Winnipeg Mint

The sun is just climbing into the early morning sky as we begin our journey at the Winnipeg Mint. Here’s a snow sculpture of the Winnipeg Jets logo.
Three days of above seasonal temperatures and fog has covered everything in a beautiful layer of hoar frost.

Even the flags are silent in the cold winter’s morning

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Past, Present and Future: The Magna Carta in Winnipeg.

It’s mid-summer in Winnipeg as I write this and the past is meeting the present while building for the future of the human race.  Since my last post about the Canadian Museum for Human Rights many things have taken place. Firstly, construction of the museum has progressed steadily,  so much that one can get a true sense of the enormous scale of the finished glass mountain on the prairies.  The idea being a visual representation of what man can attain when he aspires to a noble cause.

Starting in St. Boniface, Alanna is ready to answer tourists questions.

Walking over the Red River, the Size of the Buildings will be Enormous.

Up Close to the Building Site.

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Back in Action

Hey everyone!

Well looks like after a long bit of wrangling with the insurance company and the contractors that my workspace, our basement is almost back in working order.

I must admit I could really get used to working down here again, gone are the musty odours and sore eyes that would itch relentlessly due to the mildew that was down here after our little flood episode.

My almost complete workspace.

So what do I have in store for the upcoming pages?  Hmmmm I don’t know just yet.  I was fortunate enough while on vacation to visit our city’s legislative building, an impressive piece of Masonic craftsmanship all on it’s own.  But it is also temporary home to the Magna Carta, the document that solidified freedoms in Western Society as we know them today. So you can expect a photo essay on that trip in the near future.

But for tonight I am just happy to be back in our freshly carpeted and painted basement!  YAY!

Take care everyone, see you real soon.


Ladies and Gentlemen, The Queen.

It seems very proper that on the eve of Canada’s Victoria Day long weekend, Buckingham Palace has included Winnipeg on our Queen’s itinerary during her Canadian visit this June and July.

Queen Elizabeth II

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I may be going out on a limb here but I am guessing that to many of you 420 is just a number.  Here in Manitoba, as in many other parts of the world, that number takes on a larger significance.  Pronounced ” Four Twenty” it is slang the world over for Marijuana.  The term comes from the supposed police code for a marijuana arrest.  This however is incorrect according to various sources including the Urban Dictionary, 420 may have started out as a code word between a bunch of Californian high school students that liked to get high.

In any case, the term has become the clarion call of pot smokers everywhere to light up.  Today’s date also figures into the term, April 20 or 04-20 in Canada is the day that Marijuana activists and casual users alike gather on the lawns of our houses of government to protest the continued criminalization of marijuana use.

Here in Winnipeg the scene on the legislative grounds was as always a festive event.  This year a few thousand people gathered, some brightly dressed, some carrying signs, all smoking dope.

420 at Manitoba Legislature

I can hear some of you scratching your heads as you read this, thinking but Bob. Where are the police?  How can this happen?  All of these people breaking the law, and on public grounds no less!   Well let me assure you that this year as every year the police are indeed there.

But as this youtube video taken at last year’s 420 celebration clearly shows the event is a peaceful one and because of that the cops stay clear of the huge clouds of billowing smoke and make sure that the only thing attacked on this day are Hot dog’s and Ice Cream bars!

I know that I do jest a little on the topic but suffice it to say that the police and public (in general), view this event as a non-issue.  Will there be members of the population screaming for the head of the Chief of Police tomorrow?  Undoubtedly, but Canadians are by in large a very tolerant open people.  If the kids and the hippies want to smoke dope one day of the year and get their little protest out-of-the-way the vast majority of the public are willing to turn a blind eye.

Marijuana use in general actually hardly even gets a response from most people here anymore.  Harder drugs have moved into town, crack cocaine and crystal meth.   Now those hard drugs get a reaction from police and citizens groups alike.

In fact 420 has become somewhat of a joke, with radio stations playing a dope smokers play list and creating characters who tie into the day’s theme.  Local radio station 92.1 citi fm, features the traffic chopper antics of “Tyrone“.

The battle is more than just symbolic though to many Canadians looking to change the laws in Canada and The United States.  Marc Emery Canada’s “Prince of Pot” is scheduled to be extradited to the U.S. to serve a 5 year sentence for selling marijuana seeds via mail order to United States citizens.

His “crime” of selling seeds is perfectly legal here in Canada as the seeds are not considered usable drugs.  In fact his business, was granted a government GST number and was paying tax monies to the Canadian Government on sales of the marijuana seed sales.

Regardless the Canadian Government has seen to it that he be sent for incarceration in a foreign country for doing something that is perfectly legal here.  Needless to say Emery is not going down without a fight, and all avenues are being explored before his May 10, 2010 date with American Justice.   His web page explains the battle to keep him from American Hands.

So people everywhere pot smoker or straight arrow, let’s all at least embrace the spirit of 420 today.  May we all be mellow in each our own way.