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Firing it up with Johnny Reid

Last night was one of those occasions where Dar and I had concert tickets for a show that I really could have passed on, but after seeing the show in person I am sure glad that I got to attend.  Johnny Reid, for those of you stuck under a rock somewhere, is one of those classic entertainers that just defies categorization.  He’s one part Johnny Cash, two parts Tom Jones with just a dash of Joe Cocker  and Joe Walsh thrown in for fun.  He’s not quite country, he’s not quite a crooner and definitely not all the way rock and roll but a wild Scottish/Canadian hybrid all of his own design. One thing is for sure though he’s one hard working man on a mission to make sure that every dollar spent in his name is one that he’s earned to the full.

The night opened with Canadian country songstress Carolyn Dawn Johnson doing a bare bones acoustic set.  Her haunting lyrics and country philosophies speak to a life lived in search of love and family.  The set really did showcase her singing, basically it was her and a backup steel guitar player and a room full of eager ears.

Carolyn Dawn Johnson

After a short intermission the houselights came down and Darlene and I were expecting another opening act but the booming horn section and pounding bass drum could only signal the arrival of Mr. Johnny Reid.   The opening strains of Let’s Have a Party washed over the overwhelmingly over 40 crowd and got the audience dancing in their chairs if not in the aisles.   At the end of the opening number pyro blasts boomed and confetti and streamer cannons let loose with a torrent of shiny red and gold party favors.  Johnny said let’s have a party and apparently he meant it!

Johnny Reid with the band.

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