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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Night Two

Visibly worn down and physically exhausted from everything we had experienced so far in New York, Dar and I treated ourselves to a short nap before heading out to the second night of incredible music.

The walk to Madison Square Garden seemed shorter this time our tired feet almost seemed to know the way.  Perhaps tonight’s performance would be shorter than the marathon 6 hours of music we had rocked to the night before.

The event started out in familiar fashion, Tom Hanks addressing the crowd bringing out the still incredible Jerry Lee Lewis to open the show once again.  The elderly rascal belted out Great Balls of Fire in classic form.  Even going so far as to kick over his piano bench in a display of youthful enthusiasm.

Next up a red clad Aretha Franklin, took the stage with polished precision.
She rolled though a series of show tunes and a tribute to Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun, before bringing out her first guest of the evening.  Annie Lennox, bravely showing her support for Aids research wearing a black Tee emblazoned with the slogan “HIV Positive”.

Annie Lennox joins Aretha Franklin

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Night One

Hey there, sorry it’s been a while had to thaw out my brain here. The temperature has hovered somewhere around the mid -30’s C here the last few days so it takes a little to get me motivated to write.

So without further ado, just for you Adele, the story of night one.

As luck and a good travel agent would have it, our hotel was located only about 4 blocks from Madison Square Garden.  As we walked from the hotel, the foot traffic increased exponentially.  “Looks like the show is Sold Out.”  I mentioned to Dar, as we got closer. The inevitable scalpers popping out of the crowd as if by magic, “Need a ticket, Selling a ticket?” they queried seemingly not caring if law enforcement was listening.

Clutching my ticket in my hand checking for the entrance information, I smiled as I saw our seat location Section 102, Row C, Seats 11 and 12. Price to buy $247.35 per seat… WOW.  As we fought through the crowd, the signs blazed over head announcing a sold out performance.

Sold Out Show

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