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Dropping in for a cause: The Easter Seals Drop Zone Challenge.

This year Darlene and I were fortunate to have a superhero in our circle of friends.  Debra Stockwell, the wife of Ray Stockwell, drummer for Winnipeg’s 60’s rock band The Jury.  Debra like us, tries every year to do one big charity drive and a few months ago she began raising funds for the Easter Seals Drop Zone Challenge.  For a minimum of $1500 raised she would get to do something incredible.  Namely repel down the side of a 17 story building located on the windiest corner in Canada Portage and Main.

Ray Stockwell on drums for The Jury!

When we arrived on the day of the repel the wind was howling though the urban landscape and must have been truly vicious at the top of the Royal Bank building. The normally vertical repelling lines were becoming pendulums sending the brave souls attached to them four or five windows over from their assigned drop lane.

The wind was a serious factor in this repel. Check out the wind action on that cape.

But we Winnipeggers are a hearty folk and everyone seemed to be having a great time of it.  Music was playing courtesy of Hot 103. Station DJ Adam West even repelled and has the video to prove it.

Fun was the order of the day for this brave couple.

Mingling with the crowd and looking for our friend Debra and her husband Ray I began to notice a certain trend among the brave souls who were going to go over the edge.  Costumes seemed to be the order of the day, many superheros were prevalent but not exclusively.  Some people wore Hawaiian shirts complete with coconut bras. Others like our friend Deb became their favorite television personalities, she chose to become geek extraordinaire Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

Debra Stockwell becomes Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

As the time drew close Debra introduced us to her drop companion Jodie Brown who would be going down at the same time on another line, she was clad from head to booties as a hilarious looking sock monkey.  Both women were incredibly pumped up about the opportunity.  Deb confessed to having slight butterflies in her belly and being scared of heights.  But if you know anything about Debra you know that she always faces her fears head on and was super impressed by all the safety precautions that Drop Zone had taken.

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Maria Aragon LIVE in Toronto.

For any of you who were hiding under a rock for the last few weeks, I’ll explain and catch ya’ll up.  Little Maria Aragon the 10-year-old YouTube sensation who took the word by storm is back in Winnipeg after her whirlwind tour of big league American talk shows and performing on stage with Lady Gaga herself.

Maria being a Little Monster (Photo - Hot 103.com)

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Maria Aragon to share the stage with Lady Gaga.

In an update to the story I posted Feb 18, Toronto’s 99.9 Virgin Radio has connected Lady Gaga with Maria Aragon.  Not only has 99.9 offered to fly Maria into Toronto and give her prime seats to the Lady Gaga concert in March, but also Lady Gaga herself has invited the budding diva onstage with her to perform Born This Way.

It seems that the word around the internet travels fast. With over six million views since the video was posted days ago, young Maria has already accomplished the worldwide fame part of becoming a superstar.

As many of my readers have commented we wish her well, but wonder is all of this literally overnight exposure good for anyone let alone a ten-year old girl on the cusp of becoming a teenager.   With all the inherent problems of just being that old is it really in her best interest to go for all the fame and fortune now?

Obviously as anyone knows the story of Pandora’s Box will tell you it’s not easy to put everything back into place once that treasure chest has been opened. I just hope that minds stay clear and they quickly retain someone who is worthy of the trust the family will be placing in them to navigate the minefield that is popular music.

Remember your roots young siren people here will help ground you when your head feels like it’s about to explode.  Family and friends be ready, it’s going to be and exciting if bumpy ride.

So what’s your opinion on Maria Aragon, is it healthy for such a young person to be pursuing fame and fortune?  Right or wrong, comments, opinions all are welcome.  I open the floor to you, discuss.

STORY UPDATE:  If all the reports that have been floating around in the media are true Maria Aragon and family are in L.A. and on set at Warner Brothers where The Ellen DeGeneres Show is taped.   Reports circulating in the Winnipeg media today have an appearance on Ellen’s show today Feb 22.

Lets hope the stories are true and that Maria has a great performance in store for the world in her television debut.  Good Luck!

Budge over Bieber. Get out of the way Grayson. Here comes Maria Aragon.

Gaga’s all gaga over Maria Aragon.  The young Winnipeg YouTube sensation has apparently brought Lady Gaga to tears over her cover of the pop song Born this Way.  In a tweet to her millions of little monsters, the ever-changing chameleon,  Lady Gaga said “Can’t stop crying watching this. This is why I make Music. She is the future.”  The budding YouTube sensation has burned up the internet ever since.

Following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber and Grayson Chance may yet be in the cards for our ten-year old budding songstress.  Ace Burpee of Winnipeg radio station Hot 103 sent a limo to pick Maria up from school and deliver her for an impromptu session at the studio.

In a plea to gather Maria even more attention than the already large following Burpee appealed to daytime talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres to have the young lady sing for her and her audience on television.  Apparently Ellen has seen and approved.  In a tweet of her own she thanks Lady Gaga for showing her the now famous YouTube video.

The way things happen on the internet I think we can expect to see a performance from Maria on Ellen in the coming weeks.  Can a music contract be far behind?  Far fetched you say?  Don’t bet on it, Canadian teen heart throb Justin Bieber was discovered in exactly this way by Scooter Braun, and introduced to rapper Usher only a few years ago and look where he is now.

Following in the Bieb’s footsteps is young Grayson Chance snatched up and signed as the first artist under Ellen’s own record label elevenelevenGrayson is now on his first North American tour in support of his newly released single Waiting outside the lines and yet unnamed upcoming album.

If young Maria Aragon can get the support of Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres in one afternoon can super stardom be far behind?  Only time will tell. Good luck Maria, do Winnipeg proud.

Here for your viewing and blogging pleasure. I give you Winnipeg’s own Maria Aragon.