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Hé Ho: Le Festival du Voyageur 2013

I know that for most of my southern friends my yearly Festival du Voyageur posts are loved.  This weekend past Darlene and I took in all that Festival had to offer.  From the fiddle music, and meals packed with Bannock, spit pea soup and fresh ham.

The wood fires to warms your bones against the cold, and of course historical re-enactments of life in the 1700’s when this part of Canada was settled.   Any of you who are also using WordPress may have been having trouble with the recient updates in adding pictures.

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Christmas, Birthdays and all that new years jazz.

Yea it’s been a while, but that happens when a person goes into a deep winter slumber over the holidays.  I was off for an epic almost two weeks! GRAND INDEED.

I know you guys need my words but sometimes I just have to prime the proverbial pump and take a good few weeks off.  Apologies.

So what happened to Bob on his time off, well I did spend a great deal of it shuteye and comatose.  But another great deal of it was spent preparing for Christmas.  We had planned to spend it with Dar’s family in the country.  Meaning cooking for her mother who is a shift worker.  I have no trouble doing this having worked some mighty mixed up shifts in my day and the fact that I do really like her mom.   I also love to cook, trouble this year was my bad ankles again.  I took the splendid chance opportunity to roll my left ankle over on the ice on our driveway and put myself in a world of hurt .

No worries I limped through Christmas, with Dar’s 5-year-old nephew Eric who was so excited to have a some time with family.  He’s a bit high-strung but we all had a blast playing with him as he ran circles in the family room and talked the ears off of everyone in sight.  He’s a special handful but we love him dearly.

For his birthday on the 27th of Dec, Dar and I gathered for a special Asian treat. Eric is half Chinese and his parents bought an extra special cake.  Durain fruit cake.  The taste is a bit odd for a western palate but not as strong as it smells.  Durian fruit as many people know is a very strong-smelling fruit.  But I found the taste of the cake very mild and pleasing.

Our new year is finding us travailing, to southern exposures finding new cultures and new adventures.  I hope you all find health, wealth and happiness in the new year as well.

Much Love


Confusion corner bar and grill: Maybe a bit more confused than grilled.

Ok, I must admit that I love Confusion Corner it’s just a strange space in Winnipeg.  Cars don’t know where to go bus lanes go here and there.  It takes some time as a Winnipegger to know where you’re going in traffic.

And because I am a confused Winnipegger I love this spot to dine.
All except for tonight.

Dar and I walked in easily before the hard supper service and got a table right away. Ordered a beverage and a french onion soup each.  The drinks and soup were served in normal short order, but the french onion that I had come to love here was way off.

Yes we got a nicely coated broth full of cheese, but also topped with a nasty cayenne pepper.  The soup on it’s own was good but there was to little of it, the broth was packed with way to much bread.

On to the mains, both of ordered beef, and that came cooked to order, very well seasoned and tasty.  Only the beets that came on our plates were an issue.  Those were rock hard and not really fit for human consumption.

One other sticking point, where is the divider between  the lounge and the dining room.  If walk in diners wanted to sit in the lounge and with the loud music and background we would ask for that.  Just to open it up seems awkward and counter productive.

All things considered though. it’s a good meal and I would go 3.5 out of 5 this week.

Composting made so easy that even a blogger can do it!

It should be said right off the top that this style of post is not my normal beat, but when I get a chance to co-write a piece with Nikki from Women are from Mars I just have to jump all over it.  Nikki as most of you may know is a fervent environmental blogger.  Her weekly Tree-Hugger Tuesday posts are not only informative and environmentally conscious but also fun!

Dar and I are also committed to doing our part to reduce our waste stream that is destined for Brady landfill here in Winnipeg.  We are active recyclers and donators to the Leaf It With Us program, where the city takes yard wastes and either composts them on an industrial scale or as in the case of tree waste chips the wood down and makes decorative landscaping products.

So when we found out that the City of Winnipeg was having a massive sale on composters we simply had to get in on it. The unit we purchased normally retails for $100 but through the city sale we were able to get it for only $30 taxes included.  What a deal!

Our new Earth Machine composter

Having a large back yard is one of the many perks and headaches about living in a mid-sized Canadian city.  It’s great to have a place to relax and garden in the summer but with a large yard also comes potential waste.  Grass clippings and leaves that would normally be bagged and disposed of can now be turned into beautiful healthy soil for our garden and Dar’s potted plants.

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Looking for Yummy Sushi? Try Yuki Sushi!

Yesterday I was flying solo and as you all know Bob cut loose on a Saturday afternoon means trying some place new. My wanderings took me downtown to the seedy part of town in search of high-test sushi. Yuki Sushi (pronounced you-key) located in the front of a skid row hotel, vagrants and addicts literally hanging outside the beer vendor around the corner from Yuki Sushi.

Yuki Sushi in the McLaren Hotel

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