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Germans and Aussies and Roo’s. Oh My!

A funny thing happened today while I was checking a few things on my blog. Normally I come home from my day job in the “Fibreglass Mines” and check my E-Mail, look at my stats map and try to figure out my plan of attack for my next riveting piece.

But today as I was checking things I noticed something rather odd. It seems that someone had run my blog through a German translation device.  Now maybe I am as crazy as a long-tailed cat stuck in a room full of rocking chairs but it made me smile just the same.

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But it’s a Dry Cold.

Winnipeg always seems to get a bad rap for being such a cold and desolate place, even among other Canadians who should really know better.  Tourists who come here in the summer time often comment wow you guys have “paved” roads, “Where are all the Igloos and Snowmobiles??”.

Yes it is true that Winnipeg does have its share of down right frigid  conditions during the winter months, but if you are equipped with even a small portion of grey matter the weather is nothing to be feared at all.

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