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Confusion corner bar and grill: Maybe a bit more confused than grilled.

Ok, I must admit that I love Confusion Corner it’s just a strange space in Winnipeg.  Cars don’t know where to go bus lanes go here and there.  It takes some time as a Winnipegger to know where you’re going in traffic.

And because I am a confused Winnipegger I love this spot to dine.
All except for tonight.

Dar and I walked in easily before the hard supper service and got a table right away. Ordered a beverage and a french onion soup each.  The drinks and soup were served in normal short order, but the french onion that I had come to love here was way off.

Yes we got a nicely coated broth full of cheese, but also topped with a nasty cayenne pepper.  The soup on it’s own was good but there was to little of it, the broth was packed with way to much bread.

On to the mains, both of ordered beef, and that came cooked to order, very well seasoned and tasty.  Only the beets that came on our plates were an issue.  Those were rock hard and not really fit for human consumption.

One other sticking point, where is the divider between  the lounge and the dining room.  If walk in diners wanted to sit in the lounge and with the loud music and background we would ask for that.  Just to open it up seems awkward and counter productive.

All things considered though. it’s a good meal and I would go 3.5 out of 5 this week.

The Peasant Cookery: More than a step above the ordinary.

A few months ago I was doing some volunteer work with a group for men wanting to change their lives.  The work itself was incredibly rewarding but little did I know that I had gastronomic reward also waiting for me.  At the end of the course our group facilitator Mel handed me a thank you card for all of my efforts.  Inside was a gift certificate for any number of city restaurants in the WOW! chain of establishments.  But this certificate came with certain restrictions.

In her patented stern yet amazingly gentle way Mel informed me that I could use the certificate at any one of the WOW! restaurants as long as I chose The Peasant Cookery.  During the course Mel and I had often talked about our passions for finding great meals separate from the throng of mundane chain establishments that seemed to be sucking the life out of the Winnipeg dining scene.

In any case when I arrived home from work yesterday I could tell that Darlene was itching to go out on the town for dinner.  She suggested Hermanos, an all time favorite steakhouse of ours, until I remembered that gift certificate I had tucked away in my wallet a few months ago.  I suggested the Peasant Cookery and within minutes we were out the door and headed down to the exchange district in search of a great meal.

The Peasant Cookery in the 105 year old Traveller’s Block.

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