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FIRE, in St. Boniface


There is a huge fire raging just outside my door tonight.Just over a block away a building is exploding and sending huge plumes of black smoke up and beyond.

I felt a fireball, with the heat and the pressure rise up and try to burn my eyebrows off.   I was standing at least a block away.   It was the freakiest thing.
A mushroom cloud of gasoline or other propellents went off as Dar and I stood on the street in front of our house.

The whole crowd backed off,  as  huge fireball ignited the fumes and  smoke climbing into the evening sky.

I stood firm,  judging the distance and awaited the heat.   We were bathed in a good blast of sub atomic heat.  But the effect was none the less, quite effective.

Our home seems to be safe at this time as fire professionals have arrived on scene.

We are safe and hopefully sound for the night, should more happen I will let you know at first chance.



Ba De, Ba De, Ba De…. That’s all folks!

Well if you’ve missed it, been hiding under a rock or just were busy getting on with life in general, today is Judgment Day!  No you don’t have to go to court, stand in line or generally be annoyed by one of our many legal systems because All Mighty God is coming to YOU!

Well at least if you believe in the whack-a-doodles over at the Family Radio NetworkHarold Camping and his bible revisionist flock are guaranteeing the end of the world.  (Guarantee not valid outside of crazyland.)  For the last few months Camping’s group has spent untold dollars posting billboard ads around the world, some 3000 at last count including 85 or so in Canada, proclaiming the beginning of the end of the world.

Judgment Day Sign in Winnipeg

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