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What the fuck is wrong with people? The Batman Massacre.

OK, grab a chair and hold on tight people this is going to be a rough one.  I’m writing from the gut today and I don’t have my proof reader today so if I make an oops here and there please forgive me.

Of course I am talking about the outrageous tragedy that happened just outside of Denver today.  What could motivate an attack such as this?  I am just baffled. Is it that we are being to lax on our children and not beating them about the head and shoulders enough with broken beer bottles?  Is it the violence and the hopelessness that they see everyday growing up.  Is it the corporate greed and malice that puts people out on the street everyday or is it that the sun just wasn’t the right fucking shade of yellow for him yesterday?

I give up, what the hell is going on these days.  I know many many people associated with the movie are tweeting and texting today, sending thoughts and prayers to those affected.  I just wonder what motivated this outlandish attack?  An attack on my people, geeks and nerds, dweebs and comic fans.  Who are they going to hurt, who are they going to kill?

I honestly just feel sickened by the thing, I was looking forward to seeing this film but now I just don’t know.  Will I feel guilty if I am excited by going to see it loud and large?  Will I want to clap at the end, or will I just stay at home save the $50 fucking dollars it takes to see a movie for two these days and just read a library book?

It takes a great deal most days to make a Canadian like myself mad enough to spit but this just takes the cake.

In any case, I’ll keep it short and finish my rant in private.

To all of those that read my blog, stay safe.  May the God you pray to keep you well and remind you that the way to paradise is by gentle action not by slaughter.

With Love.