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Pizza Boomerang

Ok, people I am not going to lie this video clip is one of the most brilliant and disturbing things I have ever seen on the net.  I just finished watching it over at Mixed Drinks and Hungover Thoughts.  Basically it’s a Spanish or Mexican pizza commercial.

It is just simply over the top with imagery, too messed up for words. Check it out for yourself.  There is a closed caption option for those who do not understand the language.  Click the tiny ‘cc’ button on the bottom of the Youtube player.

Yes Virgina, There is a Winnipeg

Much fun has been poked at my adopted home town over the years.  In cinema and in song, Winnipeg has been treated like a fictional clearing house.   In the same vein as Walla Walla, Washington or Kookamunga.

Well being Canadian means being able to take a joke.  So in honour of my home town here are some of the best videos I could find on the subject of Winnipeg!!


Winnipeg In Film

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