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Some days we all feel a little like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

I just watched my all time favorite Christmas program, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and in watching it a couple of things dawned on me.

Sometimes we all feel like that sad little tree that Charlie and Linus pick up in the crowded Christmas Tree lot.  You know what I mean, a little or a lot beat up, maybe feeling scrawny on the inside.  Unloved or just a bit crazy around the edges for the holiday season.

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What the #@€% is that! Mini edition




Well people I am still writing from my phone stuck in insurance limbo. So here’s a few new what the #@€% gems I spotted this past week in St. Boniface.

Driving down Provencher Blvd I spotted something that literally had me pulling a u-turn. I thought I saw a large metal wolf on fire. My suspicions were proven correct as the photos show.

Also gracing this patch of greenspace were two other previously unknown to me sculptures. Score!

The first one made me think of the old Charlie Brown Halloween special. Most of the kids running around in an old sheet with holes cut out for eyes.

The third and final piece in the park made me remember that although I live among them I simply don’t understand Francophone artists.

This disembodied figure serves to prove that point.

Thanks for joining me again today, hope you enjoyed your visit. As always comments are always welcome.